Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

1) Isaiah turned one year old today! He’s growing up so fast and so adorable. Here’s some proof:

2) I slept in just a little bit.

3) In the morning before work I did some packing and cleaned the dishes before going into work. Just stuff I needed to do before going away this weekend. I was able to take the time to do it before work because I’d put in extra hours here and there since Sunday. As much as my work schedule is crazy and draining, it also allows me to do things like this, so I can’t complain too much.

4) Had a cheesy pita. Yum.

5) All week I’ve been trying to find a student to cover a recording on Saturday morning. It was especially important since I will be (should I pretend like I’m writing these they day they happened or is that silly?) am/was out of town this/last/that weekend. Anyway, one of my student’s finally came through. I was so excited I told him he was my hero. Which is kind of true.

6) On the bus to the airport I was mostly asleep. I’d wake up every now and then to ascertain that we were not yet at the airport or to exchange text messages with Ali.

7) The airport was oddly busy. I mean I guess I don’t know how busy it normally is on Thursday nights, but it was busier than I expected. The flight attendants informed us that our flight was fully booked and that every seat would be occupied. However, the seat next to me was empty. They guy in the aisle seat looked at each other and the seat and he said “guess it’s our lucky day.” That’s one possibility. There also could have been an invisible or very small person sitting there or a very small invisible person. But I think if I was a very small invisible person I would be extra sure to buckle my seat belt for security and to make my presence known. Otherwise I would probably be inadvertently flattened. The lesson I learned is not to trust flight attendants.

8) I also napped on the plane.

9) I was awake at the crucial drink ordering moment. I fell asleep and when I awoke again there was a Sprite sitting on the tray table of the empty seat, just waiting to be consumed. Maybe it was for invisible man, but I drank it and it was delicious. Sprite truly is the nectar of the gods.

10) Walking through the little hallway past security (anyone who’s been to the Philly Airport in the last few years knows what I’m talking about) and seeing my parents waiting for me.

11) I checked a bag, but it appeared on the carousel very quickly. So quickly I almost didn’t grab it. I watched it pass me and dismissed it, then a few seconds later the part of my brain that had recognized was like “Hey Dave, that was our bag, we should go get it” “Nah, it couldn’t have been, it was way too fast.” “Yeah I know but, look, those two strips on the back.” “Okay I still don’t believe you, but I’ll go check just to – hey it really is our bag.” “Told you so!” “Yeah well if you’re so good at recognizing things what’s this?” “Your fi-- ouch.” If this were last year, when I was still in school I could have told you the part of the brain that does object recognition (roughly) and thus given a name to one of those voices, but that was a long time ago and that would be a sill thing to do. The point is I got my bag quickly.

12) We stopped back home briefly, where I had one of dad’s famous brownies and found out that they have two boxes of gril scout cookies (Thin mints and Carmel Delights) for me to take back to Chicago! I had forgotten it was that time of year. Delicious.

13) Only a few minutes after I walked in the door I received a call from the one and only Lila Pearl. It was unexpected and wonderful. We talked of many topics, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Once and Future King (which I still have not read, which I admit is absurd), Wizard scholarship, her various displays of Lego sets I have gotten her as presents, the “Be Kind Rewind” museum, a new turn for her Walrus Woman story, how her favorite thing about this blog is the descriptions of food, etc.

14) Then we set out for Ithaca. Yeah we left shortly after midnight, which was not the original plan, but there was a big storm coming in and mom and dad wanted to get ahead of it. So as soon ad JP got back fro working a double shift we all piled into the minivan and headed out. The snow had already started and it didn’t really let up. How Dad managed to stay awake and also drive through that miserable weather is beyond me. I was awake for the first part, but then mostly out for the rest. I was happy to be bundled in a blanket and not worry about the sleet. We arrived about a quarter after 5 in the morning. Yikes. I relocated upstairs and went to sleep for the final time of the day, finally horizontal.

15) I read every single comment that gets posted on my youTube videos. Mostly they are pretty basic (e.g. "the sounds effects were awesome!" or "the sound effects ruined it") but every now and then there's a gem like this one that was on The Franky Job, " What? how can you make this. it's fantastic! I want to play LEGO with you."

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