Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I can't think of a title for today

1) Struck a compromise with SleepyDave this morning. Got up an hour late. Win-Win-Win.

2) It was not so cold this morning. I walked to work and picked up my new front door key along the way. They are installing a new lock tomorrow. The key is crazy, it looks like a key for a futuristic robot. Maybe the front door is going to be a robot?

3) Ran into Tiffany on the way to work and receive a slice of banana bread. Upon reaching work I reveled in it's deliciousness.

4) Rachel IMed to help her choose what to make for dinner on Thursday: Homemade ravioli and homemade tomato sauce or risotto. I told her to go with the ravioli, it sounds great. It conjured up all sorts of wonderful images/sensations. Mmmm....

5) Left work half an hour early so I could get to HPP before the evening rush. Also stopped in at CVS and...

6) RAJUN CAJUN! My vegetable was potatoes and eggplant. Yum! The butter chicken was delicious as always and I practically inhaled my samosa. The best part is I've got leftovers for tomorrow. (I still assert that the naan is not spicy at all, Alex's tastebuds be damned.)

7) Finished reading Sam's Torchwood fic. Oh Ianto. It also made me want to get into Doctor Who. Why didn't I get the first season from Stephanie this weekend? I totally meant to.

8) There was also a new part in Jack and Ellis, which was exciting. The airship has landed.

9) My aunt forwarded me some amazing pictures of frozen waves.

10) Played the 4th boss fight in No More Heroes. My target this time was Destroyman, who was dressed like a superhero/villain and had a variety of energy attacks (although they may have been powered by his suit, similar to Syndrome from The Incredibles). I only died once against him, but that's probably because the previous boss fight made me an expert at dodging attacks. I actually had more trouble getting to him. I had to fight through three movie studios full of lackies weraing paper bags on their head who put up a lot of resistance. He was a fun boss though. Lots more fun than nearly impossible girl.

11) Updated the Experiment a couple times and also talked (theoretically of course) with Stephanie about the possible origins of Ette and Whetten, two countries that have popped up in the course of writing it and how the tensions between these countries may or may not relate to other events going on in the story. Of course we won't know until one of us writes it.

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