Monday, February 18, 2008

Moon Day

1) This morning I watched the new episode of Break a Leg on the bus to work. Highlights: "I can't believe we did the head-tilty thing." Figure D. Children?

2) Stephanie.

...oh I guess I could elaborate, but is there really a need?

3) Taking the evening shuttle because the temperature had dropped and the wind picked up and oh god the cold. But thankfully I was able to hide in the shuttle

-1) Where are my gloves?

4) I didn't feel like making dinner, especially since eggplant is slightly (only slighty) more complicated than I imagined. Luckily I had enough materials to have a delicious meal all the same. Pita. Hummus. Carrots. Green Beans. Thank you guys, you were delicious.

5) Building with Legos for an hour or so. I tried to use the purple and yellow parts to make some more creatures to no avail. I made a star, but it was a bit obvious, and not very interesting. So I took apart the yellow and purple and instead used the little robot men that came fro mthe exo-force sets to make some creatures.

This is supposed to to sort of look like a rabbit. A robotic rabbit? Rabbot? Robbit? It's also a cyclops.

This guy is literally all legs. He enjoys stomping.

They face off:

I needed to make things for Stompy to stomp on and so I made a series of tiny robot type things. These first ones might be my favorite of the little ones. I mean they're tripedal, what's not to love?

This one is only pretending to be tripedal. That front part is actually a snout.

These barely qualify as a creation. I mean, they're made up of two pieces. They've still got a little bit of personality though.

I've got to be honest, not even I understand these guys:

All together now

6) Watched 2 more episodes of Freakazoid. The best part was a short about "Lord Bravery."
Lord Bravery is a British superhero, except he's not very good. He spends half of the episode bickering with his wife and mother-in-law. There is this priceless exchange:

Wife: "Mother does have a point Nigel, this superhero business doesn't seem to be paying off."
Nigel: "Well not yet, but it will. You think Superman started right at the top?"
Wife and Mother in unison: "Yes."
Nigel: "Well yes, he did, but not the others. It take years to establish yourself as a superhero..."

He then goes out to find somebody to rescue, but is reluctant to do so when he finds out it involves going into the sewer. The exchange is pretty funny. You can hear the audio courtesy of ytmnd.

7) Played No More Heroes for a while. Fought the 6th ranked assassin. She was very fond of explosives. We fought on a beach, she had dug a number of holes ahead of time and covered them up. If I fell in a hole she'd throw a grenade in to keep me company.
After beating her I got a new part time job, sweeping for mines on the beach. I went around and got more t-shirts. The one I'm wearing currently is patterned like crocodile skin. Tis awesome.

8) Sam's latest fic, which if written by anyone else I would probably never admit to having read, but I'll read anything he writes. It was both "twisted and great."

9) Work was actually a pretty good day now that I look back on it.

10) Finally getting some laundry done. I've been meaning to do laundry since the last time I did it. I just haven't had the time or someone else has been using the machine when I do. Tonight I vowed that I would do laundry. Thrice I was turned back but finally I prevailed. (Mostly because no one wants to do laundry after 11:30) The process of trying to do laundry took many hours. It started right after dinner. Everything else I did was just a time filler while I waited for another opportunity to try and claim a washer.

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concretesphinx said...

My favorites are the little ducks - aka the ones that are only two pieces. Minimalism!!

Haikus are poems
too! Just because they are small
does not mean they're bad!