Sunday, February 3, 2008

Now this feels like a weekend

1) The walk home after the poetry slam was nice. It was calm and quiet and not too cold.

2) Because my sleep schedule is messed up I was not even remotely tired when I got home so I played No More Heroes for a while. I mowed some lawns and bought new sunglasses (blue!). I also found some more t-shirts.

3) Slept in until noon. I have no regrets.

4) Super Smash Brothers Brawl has been released in Jaapn and so the internet is being flooded with videos from the game. It doesn't come out here for another month, but that didn't stop me from watching many of these videos this afternoon and evening. Olimar looks like a lot of fun, although he doesn't seem to have any good way to finish people off. I have decided I will dedicate myself to making him a viable character.

5) While searching for Brawl videos I saw someone's list of their 5 favorite video games of all time. This got me thinking about my top 5 favorite. This proved too difficult so I expanded it to 10. You can find the results below.

6) Did a little shopping, got stuff for pasta salad (except I forgot the feta cheese!) and chicken for mesquite chicken. Also got stuff for the week, meat and fruit and cereal. Everything went in my canvas bag.

7) Did the dishes because they were starting to pile up and I needed some so I could prepare and marinade the chicken. As always this is wonderful because now my sink isn't cluttered.

8) Finally went to Ratner and worked out a bit. I used a rowing machine and boy has it been a long time. I know my time/distance was bad, but I don't even know how bad. On my way out I saw maybe two minutes of the superbowl. But it was possibly the most exciting two minutes. It was when the Giants got a touchdown with ~30 seconds left.

9) Came home and the trees were pretty from the snow.

10) Talked to Talya a little bit.

11) Watched some of the commercials from superbowl on youtube. The best one I saw was the giant pigeons FedEx one. (Although they certainly weren't extraordinary.)

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