Monday, February 25, 2008


1) Had a nice breakfast. Dad made bacon and reheated the potato stuff from the day before. Then I helped set-up the photobooth for Isaiah’s party.

2) After that I took my first nap of the day. This day was the worst of my cold. However, by taking a series of naps throughout the day I was able to conserve my energy and it ended up not being so bad.

3) Isaiah’s party. There were a few kids Isaiah's age and their parents, a few of my sister's other friends and of course my family. I think Isaiah was a little overwhlemed by all the people, he was pretty calm for the first part of the party. Once some of the people left, he was a bit more active. The photobooth was up and running and Isaiah got a few pictures in it wearing a black beret. Here's a video of everyone singing and Isaiah not blowing out the candle on his cake:

Yeah! Tear that present open!

Oh, I guess he just wanted to play with the wrapping paper.

"Let's read this book!"

"I changed my mind! Let's go play!"

"Yes, very good, keep opening my presents. I will sit here and watch. Less work for me."

"What is this floating red thingy?"

"It is fun! That's what it is!"
Here's a movie of him playing with that balloon some more:

"What is this cake you speak of?"



4) There was some good eating at the party. I had some chickpea (& assorted vegetable) soup and minestrone and some very tasty whole grain bread. Isaiah's cake was a butternut squash cake with pear and mango puree icing. Delicious and nutrious.

5) Despite being on vacation I still had to deal with some work troubles. Thankfully I was able to resolve it with out too much headache. I was so relieved when Dave Pritchard agreed to go early and especially when Theo texted to say that everything was alright.

6) After the party I took my second nap of the day. Wonderful.

7) When I woke up, one of Isaiah's uncles from the Vincent side and his family had arrived. Isaiah was in a much more playful mood now and he really enjoyed the school bus they had gotten for him. Of course the first thing he did was turn it over and spin the wheels to inspect them, but after he made sure they were okay he was off. He rolled it all around the room. He also scooted around with his walker some more. He also really enjoyed knocking down towers of blocks we set up for him. I also entertained him for a while by spinning his plastic stacking rings around on the floor.

8) I was feeling sick and tired again so I went and had my third nap. I think it was shorter, I wasn't really keeping track. But I felt much better when I woke up.

9) Then we had dinner, pretty simple, leftovers from the party and some salmon and rice.

10) Isaiah was sitting next to me at dinner and he was very interested in my bread. Bread is a relatively new food for him and so the novelty has not worn off. I would break off little chunks and hand them to him to chomp on.

11) After dinner Isaiah and cousins played some more. The best part was when they played with the balloons. Here is the video to prove it:

12) We watched the end of The Matrix. Most importantly the lobby scene and the Neo/Smith fight. That movie is better when you pretend the sequels weren't made.

13) “Once” won the Spirit Award for best foreign film. Hooray!

14) J-P and I watched SNL hosted by Tina Fey. Hilarity. Highlights: The parts with Tina Fey, also the skit about inserting that old guy's grandkids into popular movies.

15) Then we watched some stand-up comedian on Comedy Central. I don't know who we has, but he was really funny.

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Jenny said...

I love all of the photos and videos from Isaiah's party and the trip!

Isaiah has turned on a very annoying feature on our computer; a computer voice now says everything we do. Right now it is speaking every letter that I type. ahhh!!!!!!