Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photo Post

Finally got all these pictures added. In case you didn't know (I only realized it last week) you can click on these pictures for a larger version.

Here's the little diorama (display? scene?) I put together using those three non-Indiana Jones lego sets I got on Sunday.

Here's some close-ups:

There was a misprint in the instructions and so the following sheet was included to correct it. Until I got to the part it was referring to I was perplexed as to what it meant. I thought it was perhaps some sort of larger statement about how Legos should be put together. Even though I now know what it means I've decided to put it up on my wall as if it was really a poster calling for more smaller pieces in place of fewer larger pieces. Call me a lego purist. (Although I'm far from a purist. Hell I paint and cut lego pieces all the time.)

Here's the giant squid shirt from No More Heroes:

And here's the new pose ofthe mannequin. Just imagine that the fruit basket is actually a pool that the mannequin is dipping its legs into. A banana pool.

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