Sunday, February 17, 2008

Poll-ice Show Results

So, as you may have noticed, the poll ended a couple days ago and the results are clear. The fake commercial for a new police show in episode 2 or 3 of NNN will feature a robot cop. This cop may look a lot like R2D2 and he may even have a "good cop" partner that resembles C3PO. I still have to iron out the details.

However, if you voted for one of the other options, do not despair. Malbus Windumbledore and Druvvariii Blackwing will find their ways into NNN. Windumbledore may be the headmaster at a school for heroes (someone has to oppose SVELT) Blackwing may be an actual cop, who goes onto to be a judge (Dragon Court is now in session?). I'm not sure yet, i know other things about these characters, but somethings are a mystery even to me.

As for pirates. Don't worry about pirates, there will be pirates o plenty. Yarr!

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