Monday, February 11, 2008


It was very cold today, and the heat didn't seem to be working in the office, so I was wearing my coat most of the day. Hopefully it will be working tomorrow.

1) SleepyDave's victory this morning added two hours to my sleep time. The thing about SleepyDave is that when I am victorious it's wonderful because I overcame him, but when I fail it is also wonderful, because I get that wonderful sleep.

2) Remembered the show Freakazoid. It's about a superhero who's main power is being crazy. How could I not love it? Yes, sometimes it was a bit much, even for me, but mostly it was hilarious. Here's a link to my favorite episode.

3) I wish I could properly convey how delicious the Trader Joe's Mango slices are. I really should buy more than one bag at a time because they are far superior to the ones I get at HPP or the Co-Op when it was still around. THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself. Just thinking of them makes my mouth water.

4) Talked with Rachel (over gChat of course) for the first time in ages.

5) Decided what to make for dinner on Thursday: Goulash! It will be nice and warm and delicious and it fill my apartment with a wonderful smell.

6) Took the evening shuttle home, because there's no way I was going to walk through this weather. Not without some more clothes on.

7) Got home to my warm apartment, locked the door (because there was no reason to venture out again) and then put on pajama pants.

8) Finished the mesquite chicken for dinner, also had a roll and some more green beans.

9) While I was eating dinner I put together the other Lego sets I got yesterday. Make no mistake, I will be scavenging them for pieces as soon as tomorrow, but I like to put them together at least once before tearing them apart. Mostly because I like putting Lego sets together. I made a cool diorama, but my internet is being grouchy and not letting me upload pictures.

10) Played some more No More Heroes. Mostly went around earning money and collecting Lovikov balls. I found a bunch of new t-shirts. One is black but has flames along the bottom. The one I'm currently wearing is blue with a giant squid on it. I took a picture, but again I can't upload it. Rest assured it's awesome. I also bought a new lightsaber and paid my entry fee for the next match.

11) Read Macabre County episode 3. Highlight: "There's a camera right there!" "That's not a camera, that's a pigeon." "Well it'd be a good place for a camera."

12) Read the first part of Sam's Torchwood Fic.

13) Watched my favorite episode of Freakazoid. So funny.

14) Oh yeah the other thing that there's a picture of that I can't show you is the mannequin in a new pose. Hopefully the internet will be more cooperative tomorrow and I can do a photo post.

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