Sunday, February 17, 2008

Soon Day

1) Woke up late (earlier than yesterday, though) and had waffles. I won't claim to be a king of waffles. But perhaps a prince or a duke.

2) Sam's new torchwood fic

3) More Jack and Ellis

4) Watched the first episode of Freakazoid. "The show is a bit loud and childish at points but oh my what wonderful tangents. In this episode, "Dance of Doom" a cave man holds a high school dance hostage. Freakazoid goes to the crime scene determined to save the day. But then he runs into his policeman friend Cosgrove who says "Hey Freakazoid, want to go get a mint?" Freakazoid of course agrees and they go to a restaurant solely for mints, "Make Mine Mint." Afterwards they discuss how good the mint was. Then they remember about the hostage thing and Freakazoid runs off into the night with his hands in the air making wooshing noises (pretending to fly).

Then the narrator tells us to watch a mysterious man on the screen. He creeps down the street and up to a pet shop. He pulls a glowing stop watch out of his pocket and aims it in the window. The narrator then tells us the mysterious power of the stop watch, "The power to turn beavers into gold." He asks about the mysterious man, "Where did he come from? What did he want? And why was there a mint scene? Did it reveal character? How was the story advanced? We may never know. But now, on with the adventures of..."

As the narrator talks the camera shifts over to show a marionette dressed up as an announcer speaking into a microphone. The camera pans up and pulling the strings and throwing his voice is of course, Freakazoid. The whole thing only takes a minute and a half, but it's like four tangential moves. No wonder I used to watch this show all the time.

Later on Freakazoid pretends his hand is his new sidekick, HandMan. After Freakaziod and his hand successfully defeat the villain, Freakazoid's hand turns out to be a girl they just saved. The two hands fall in love and then get married and go on a honeymoon. Freakazoid says he hopes they will have a long happy marriage, unlike a certain other couple he knows. The camera then shows us his feet, which also have face painted on them and argue incessantly. Ridiculous.

5) gchatting with Stephanie this afternoon about stuff.we hadn't talked much for a couple days so it was nice to hear from her.

6) Went to a meeting for the Fire Escape project I'm involved with. The director was receptive to my ideas and even said (without me bringing it up at all) "what if we did it with stop-animation?" I'm glad to be involved with a project where I don't have to worry about all sides of it. For instance trying to schedule the actors and crew and reserve equipment and find locations and all that stuff. I'm responsible for the post-production and maybe the lighting a little bit.

7) Talked to my parents, I feel much better about my possible $400 medical bill now. I am so excited for next weekend. We're going to be staying in the Bed and Breakfast right next door to Jenny and Leo's. We may go out to a Mexican restaurant on Friday night.

8) Took a quick shower before going back into work.

9) Work on the weekends is not always terrible. Tonight I just went in and did a few things, sent out some e-mails, updated things in the calendar and the project management system, finished up a label for a DVD, burned and checked through that DVD, watched a new cut of a Research at Chicago video. But I was able to listen to my ipod and gChat to Stehpanie for a bit too.

10) Talking with Stephanie again. We chatted about Once and Sam's torchwood fic and such things. Lovely.

11) Getting home with time to do the dishes and update my blog and still get to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour.

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