Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stay Inside Day

It was crazy cold today, luckily I was only outside for very limited amounts of time and wearing many layers.

1) We again started off the day with Torchwood (it's really the only way to wake up). The episode we watched were both very very good. They Keep Killing Suzie was great because they did keep killing Suzie and because it was a very Torchwood focused episode. I know it seems weird to say that, since you'd think every episode is Torchwood focused, but often times the alien or whatever the mystery is takes up a lot of the attention, and that's fine, it makes the Torchwood0ful episodes all the sweeter. Random Shoes was just a really well told story and very sweet and touching.

2) Then we played more Chibi Robo. Accomplishments: After many attempts we finally scaled the toy castle and returned a lost shoe to the princess in the highest tower, we reunited a pirate with his ship, the mother called us cheebo and made us pajama, we help the egg soldiers get over their fear of the family's dog, we helped a funky dancing plant have children much to the delight of the Lego dinosaur who is in love with said funky plant.

3) Stephanie recorded the voice of Sherry Tiles for the NNN pilot. Bricktastic!

4) On the way home I stopped at Trader Joes where I got, say it with me, mango slices! Also I got a bag of green beans, the cereal of awesome, garlic-ful hummus and some bananas.

5) I also stopped in at the Lego Store. I was hoping to get the big Indiana Jones set, but it was not there, so I picked up a different Indiana Jones set and a few smaller sets. These I picked out solely based on cool looking pieces. Also I grabbed these Batman Magnets because they were on sale and I didn't have any of those characters from the Batman sets I have.

6) I spent almost and hour doing dishes so I could have a wonderfully empty sink.

7) Played pictionary online with Alex and Stephanie.

8) Did two loads of laundry. In addition to some clothes I also cleaned some towels, my winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf. I don't know the last time my coat was washed. Or rather I didn't know, now I know it was today. Huzzah!

9) I put together Indiana Jones set. The Indiana Jones figure is almost perfect, the only problem is the face. It's weird and not quite right. Obviously it's hard to make lego people look like real people, but they've done better than this. Hell, they've done better than this with Harrison Ford. The Han Solo minifigure may be silly, but it still captures Han quite well. The rest of the set is quite cool, it has the Ark and of course lots of snakes (10). I added it to my shelf wide diorama.

It's the tan/beige part over on the right... I need more Lego shelves. Only one of the 9 compartments is not dedicated to legos, can you find it?

10) I had a dinner of many things: pasta salad, green beans, hummus, pistachios, and mesquite chicken.

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