Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stephanie Day

1) First thing in the morning we watched two more episodes of Torchwood - Countrycide (Gross!) and Greeks Bearing Gifts (Hot!)

2) While we watched we feasted upon the loaf of Challah bread that Ashley donated to us because she gave up bread for Lent, but only remembered that after she bought it. Her mistake is our delight.

3) Had Chicken Rice soup for lunch. Mmmm

4) Played Chibi Robo for a couple hours. This is the game where you are a tiny robot trying to make make a family happy by cleaning their house and performing little task for them. We helped the lazy good for nothing father make burgers and also retrieved his wedding ring from the drain. We did some army training with some soldier eggs, learned more about justice and the space hunter code from Drake Redcrest and help reunite a frog couple.

5) Stephanie read Creed Thoughts aloud to me. Hilarity ensued.

6) We feasted upon a can of Pineapple chunks. Although canned vegetables and fruit can never be as great as fresh ones can, that doesn't stop them from being tasty in their own right. It brought back memories of the canned pineapple rings we used to always have in the house when I was a kid.

7) I can now reveal the secret wonderful idea I had on Wednesday. I have decided I am going to Isaiah's first birthday party! I sent Jenny and Leo an e-mail telling them this today. I am very excited about getting to see Isaiah again, especially now that he's walking around and getting closer to talking.

8) We went to dinner at a little Mexican restaurant where we had guacamole and burritos and Stephanie had an absurd amount of horchata.

9) Then we went to Dana's house-warming/half-birthday party. First I just need to speak about the food and drink selection. The most amazing thing was the cupcake selection. There were 8 (2^3) kinds of cupcakes. There was every possible combination of chocolate and vanilla cake and frosting and then the option of sprinkle or not sprinkle. It was quite impressive to see. There was also some fresh pineapple, some carrots and some chips and guacamole I enjoyed. There were other things too, but I did not eat them. Stephanie and I each brought a bottle of wine. I had picked out mine mostly based on the picture on the label. It turned out to be quite nice.

10) Dana's party was also wonderful because of people and conversations. The best of course being the conversation Dana, Stephanie and I had secretly in the drink room which involved Dana saying repeatedly, "because he like-a the man!" Other moments to remember: Dana's trip to the spa, "you have two minutes," "you have to indulge yourself," meowmix's upcoming show that's like the newlywed game except with people and their cats (I kid not), all candy hearts are from one batch made in 1955, talking about campus celebrities and then the lego movie as is ineveitable, talking with an environmental person from Northwestern.

11) On the way home to distract ourselves from the cold Stephanie and I talked about hot things. Like Captain Jack Harkness.

12) Throughout the day we did a little work on "The Experiment" and we were able to just say "updated" to each other in person rather than gchatting or e-mailing it. <8>

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