Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today should have been Friday

1) Catching the 171 outside my front door

2) gChatting w/ Stephanie about how this week needs to end. Reproduced below:

Stephanie: ugh i am done with this week already

me: seriously
I thought it was friday
the whole week I've been thinking it's tomorrow

Stephanie: gross
i just want to sleep
i wake up in the morning so tired
but then i'm not tired when it's bed time
lousy time

All I can say is <8>

3) The thing that made my morning was Jenny sending out two new videos of Isaiah! In a week I'll be seeing him in person!

4) In honor of Hallmark Day Googledocs and youTube had hearts all around.

5) Received this video from Lindsay _____ Champion. For those of you who don't know Lindsay B was in my AP English class and therefore has a cameo (at 2:08) in Lego movie 2.1. Her character also has a speaking part (first appears at 6:18) in Lego Movie 2.33. Of course her character shares little other than a name with the real Lindsay, but still, I thought I should connect all the dots for you.

6) Talking briefly with Elise about Pinatas and surrealism

7) Laughing with Renee about something near the end of the day.

8) Devouring some mangoes when I got home

9) Taking a nap, even though I still had a headache after I woke up.

10) Destroying my headache with Ibuprofin. It's been a while since I've had to do this. I remember back in high school I had would have a headache that needed ibuprofin about once a week.

11) Played a little No More Heroes. Fought through a landmined beach.

12) Dinner with Tiffany and her friend Brian. It was nice to finally put a face with a name I had heard her use so many times. He was also pretty cool. I mean Tiffany generally has good taste in friends so I'm not too surprised.

13) Made goulash for dinner. Very tender chunks of beef. Mmm....

14) This "trailer" for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Legos. It may be disorienting at times and all the characters may have German accents and it may not look anything like my idea of the book, but it's mere existence is reassuring.

15) If it wasn't for the evening shuttles going back to work in the middle of night would be much worse.

16) Brief encounter with Ben Kolak.

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