Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toons Day

1) I slept in for two and a half hours today. I needed it too.

2) It was windy and COLD today. But I combated it by appropriate layering of clothing. I had four shirts of varying thickness on. Kept me nice and toasty.

3) Watched a couple more episodes of Freakazoid. In one of them he had a sidekick named Expendable Lad who was severely injured by milk. Freazoid then proceeded to drown his sorrows in drink (Papaya Smoothies). After the glasses started piling up and he still demanded more the papayaman told him he'd had enough to which Freakazoid responded "If I want to blitz myself into some papaya induced hallucination, that's my business."

4) the other episode featured another Lord Bravery short. In this one he travels to a patent office, only to find out he can't be Lord Bravery because there's already a Lord Bravery Bakery. "Why can't we both use the name Lord Bravery?" he demands of the patent officer. "I'm afraid that would be too confusing... someone could stop you on the street demanding a muffin or a scone. Someone else might run into the bake shop wanting to be saved from a carnivorous man-eating vegetable creature."

The patent agent then goes through a database of pre-approved names that aren't being used anymore.

"Ah here's one: Smoked Meats and Fishes!"
"Excuse me?"
"Smoked Meats and Fishes!! What do you think?"
"Are you actually suggesting that my new battle cry should be 'Fear not. Smoked Meats and Fishes has arrived?"
"You could put Lord in front of it."
"What kind of Super Hero would call himself Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes?"
"Ah, one who wants to use the element of suprise." *wink*

He then goes on to suggest:
Southside Meidacl Plaza
Taste of Tempura
Plastics Advisory Board


5) 15 most annoying video game characters

6) Using pieces of various recipes I made Eggplant Parmesan or something very much like it. Turned out pretty good and filled my apartment with a nice aroma.

7) Adam sent me an e-mail detailing two of his dreams that I made appearances in. Highlights: (secular) Archbishop Dusen, me trying to boost the morale of my employees by dancing and making jokes, me being killed by terrorists(?) for doing so, Adam trying to knock down 10 inch statues with a water pistol and me telling him he would need a garden hose to knock them down but that doing so "would be a crazy venture that would track mud and water all over" and then deciding to do it anyway. DreamDave can be so silly.

8) Read through Macabre County Episode 4 and what exists of episode 5. Episode 4 may be my favorite episode, the main character's pet sheep goes missing, there's a mysteriously appearing Chinese buffet restaurant, and a demonically possessed reverend. Awesome. Now it just needs to be actually produced.

9) Crossed "Screenwriting" off my to-do list.

10) Got more laundry done. Didn't fold the shirts or socks yet, they are waiting patiently on my couch. At least I assume they're patient, they don't really indicate their emotions very well, being inanimate and all.

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