Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Twenty Two

1) Today I got to seriously sleep in. There was nothing I had to wake up for and we had gotten in at 5 in the morning so no one else was going to be up for a while so I slept in until almost noon. Wonderful

2) Waking up with my family in the house. My parents were already up and making breakfast downstairs with Jenny and Leo. J-P slept longer than I.

3) For breakfast Dad made me sausage and Mom made this awesome potato dish that has potatoes, sweet potatoes, red and yellow pepper and onion (I think, I’m not sure exactly what’s in it aside from deliciousness). There was also orange juice.

4) Jenny told me an idea she had for the NNN world. As part of her continuing campaign to get Isaiah to appreciate mango she has started combining banana and mango together and getting him to eat that. She named this mixture Banango. The banango is longer and thinner than a mango, but shorter and fatter than a banana. It is easy to peel is yellow-orange or orange-yellow in color. It will fit perfectly in one of Zundar’s food segments.

5) Leo recounted a dream he had earlier that week. He and Jenny were involved in a shady deal involving moving an old car from under an overpass. After that they went to my parents’ house for breakfast. My parents profusely were profusely apologizing that they hadn’t had time to put anything elaborate together for breakfast and it was just going to be simple. Then they went inside and showed them what they had prepared: giant tropical birds made entirely of fruit. The wings even moved. Makes you wonder what the elaborate breakfast would have been…

6) Took a refreshing shower.

7) Isaiah! I don’t think can properly express how adorable he is and how much fun he is. He’s even more adorable than the videos and pictures would have you believe. He’s quite a talker, although much of it is in his own (far superior to English) language. Something that absolutely amazed me was I went “woo woo” like a train and then Isaiah did too! He was also clearly saying “mamamama” and “dadadada” to refer to Jenny and Leo sometimes. He also seemed to say “baby” and “ba-oo” for balloon. Next thing you know he’ll be rattling off pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis like it’s antidisestablishmentarianism.

8) Took this video of Isaiah as he climbed up the stairs in the B&B. At the end Jenny swooped him down toward me while I made noises. He really enjoyed that.

9) Got a belated Christmas present from Jenny and Leo. A cool picture of Isaiah and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which was a genuine surprise, because I had forgotten I had even asked for it.

10) Took a two hour nap that afternoon. Partly because I never pass up an opportunity to nap. Partly because I was starting to have cold symptoms and partly because Isaiah was taking (or supposed to be taking) a nap then too, so why be awake?

11) Hung out with Isaiah some more. He showed off his walking /scooting skills with the walker my parents got him for Christmas. He rolled cars around. He played with J-P’s face some more. We all made noises with him. He crawled over Jenny, lunged back and forth between her and Leo (attempts to walk), played peek a boo.

12) We got take-out from a Mexican place for dinner. I had a steak fajita quesadilla.

13) Terminator 2 was playing on AMC. We watched the whole thing. The T-1000 is one of the scariest villains ever. It can look like any one and it can turn it’s arms into weapons and unless you’ve got a convenient pool of magma sitting around, it’s indestructible. The only good thing is that even though it can assume any shape, it usually takes only human forms. Imagine how much scarier it would be if it turned into a cheetah when it was chasing you. Or a velociraptor. A velociraptor with a robot brain, programmed to hunt you down. Terminator 4 / Jurassic Park 4?

14) Got some Coldeeze to help deal with my cold symptoms. Coldeeze is great, because it actually helps reduce the length of a cold (scientifically proven) and it’s produced in my home town. I went to school with the girl whose Uncle created it. (Along the same vein, my first year of college I knew a girl from my house/ the crew team whose father invented the Choco Taco.) They were also a nice flavor – honey lemon.

15) took advantage of cable television and watched some episodes of Family Guy (“Who else but Quagmire?”) an episode of Robot Chicken and a seriously wacked out episode of Sea Lab 2021 “Ahh Mercury… sweetest of the transition metals”

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