Wednesday, February 6, 2008


1)Outsmarting SleepyDave this morning. It wasn't anything special, just the standard 2 alarms off-set in both space and time, but it worked spectacularly. SleepyDave went to turn off the first one and then fell asleep next to it on the couch. Then the second one went off a little later and pulled him into the kitchen and submission.

2) The Senior Producer position has finally been posted on the University job site! I mean it will be a while before someone is hired to fill this position, but at least it's out there for people to apply for finally. When this person gets hired, I will hopefully be able to finally cut down on those crazy hours and stress and not have to feel like I'm constantly behind.

3) Some details about Mario Kart Wii were released today
- You can play as your Mii
- There will be 32 courses, 16 new and 16 remade from old mario kart games
- It will be fully playable on-line with up to 12 people in a race
- You can control it with motion controls or you can opt to use a gamecube controller
- It's slated to come out in Japan on my birthday. That means it should be out here in may or so. Of course that's barring any delays

4) My ipod was very good at shuffling and dealing me songs to match my mood on the way home

5) Went over to Tiffany's to dinner. Krista was late, but Tiffany and I had fun before she arrived. We discovered the spfork (half spork, half fork) and talked with invisible Krista and talked about our crazy weeks.

6) Tiffany made porkchops and mashed potatoes and peas. Yum! What am I going to make next week? Hmm...

7) Chilling with Tiffany and Krista after dinner. Good times as always. When I was grocery shopping before dinner i picked up some dark chocolate M&Ms and we were munching on those.

8) Was struck by a wonderful idea which I then proceed to take action on. For right now it's a secret. Then I had another wonderful idea, which I don't know if I'll be able to pull off, but i will certainly try.

9) Another thing I got while shopping was some red seedless grapes. They are delectable and delicious.

10) Played a bit of No more Heroes. Finally beat Shinobu, moved up to rank 8. Celebrated by buying an awesome giraffe print t-shirt. Here's what my character looks like now:

The black jacket and the white belt I bought to accentuate the giraffe t-shirt. I'd buy new jeans, but they are so darn expensive. I also picked up some trash.

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