Friday, February 1, 2008

When does this week end?

1) I slept in until 9 something. I felt this was justified since I got woken up twice by a phone call from a student and because I knew I would have to go back into work at night. It's not that there was something I was expecting to happen, it was just intuition

2) Since the streets were covered with snow I decided I was going to take my time getting to work and had the last of the waffles. Delicious.

3) I missed the bus and ended up walking the whole way to work. I had my boots on and had fun trudging through the snow. It was not too cold, otherwise trudging would have been miserable.

4) Deposited my paycheck, found the form I need to set up direct deposit, will fill it out soon.

5) Had screenwriter's circle. I really like that it's at 5:30 on Friday's because it gives me an excuse to leave work and stop thinking about it for a while. Well except that 40% of Screenwriting also works at CMIG, and I almost always get a call for work that I have to take during screenwriting, but still.

6) However in a rare turn of events, the person who called me during screenwriting actually reduced what I had to do, rather than increased it. My phone rang and I looked at it and the caller ID said "Me." I wondered for a second how I was calling myself and then realized that it was just my office phone. Walker was calling to see what he could edit. I was able to hand off a couple things to him which was great, because then I could go home and not have to go in until Saturday morning to finish up the stuff he was doing.

7) Had a nice stress free dinner, finished off the chicken and rice.

8) I was updating this blog as I was eating and when I updated the one from a couple days ago where I mentioned the green beans it caused me to remember I still had some! A wonderful thing brought on by another wonderful thing. The green beans are really gone now, but their memory lives on.

9) Rediscovering this sprite commercial from long ago

10) After dinner I spent an hour or two working on a poem. It's been a long time since I've really written much poetry. I did this one the old fashioned way, working it out out loud and then scribbling stuff down, rather than the way I have made what few poems I have written in the past couple years, more on the computer. It felt good, even if I'm already beginning to doubt it, but that is the way of art.

11) Played the second boss in No More Heroes. This one was a gunslinging gangster called Dr. Peace. We fought in baseball stadium. Highlights: "Head towards the garden of madness!" "My entry fee!" "And the food? Good?" Here's a video someone else made of the fight. The first three minutes is the opening conversation and then the rest is the actual boss fight.

Anyway after that I was going to write up this post and go to sleep, but then I checked my e-mail and had to go into work. Normally I separate days by when I go to sleep and wake up (aside from naps) but I've decided to use midnight for it's intended purpose and say all the stuff that happened after then is officially Saturday. Otherwise it might always be Friday.

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