Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When? Thursday? No. Wednesday.

0) This one is actually from Tuesday, but I forgot to add it. Tiffany came into the office to work for a bit. First, it was good to have an employee come in, they've been infrequent recently. Second Tiffany and I also talked and laughed, I can't remember what about. Doesn't matter, I still have that warm fuzzy feeling.

1) Last of the Trader Joes' mango slices. I started on the HPP mango slices, which was a little bit of a same mistake to have them on the same day. The difference is very noticeable. Apparently the secret ingredient in Trader Joes' mango slices is actually a lack of an ingredient. All they contain is mango and sugar. The others have preservatives.  

2) My lunch sandwich was mesquite smoked Turkey on fresh San Fransisco sour dough bread. Mmm... 

3) Stephanie asked me "Which video game character would you like to be for an hour?" She would obviously be Bowser. I am still torn between Kirby and the Prince of the Cosmos. Kirby would be fun because you could float around and inhale people and steal their powers. It would be cool just to know what powers people have. Prince of Cosmos would be awesome because I could roll up Chicago into a giant Katamari. Oh the screams that would be screamed. 

4) 3 students came in to work today. Huzzah! It's been a while.

5) Tiffany was one of those three and today I can tell you exactly what we laughed about. Tiffany was editing a video and was unsure of the relationships between some of the people in it. I too had made assumptions that turned out to be false. This lead to the following series of names being applied to two people: 
Collar woman -> Hussie -> Collar wife 
Wife -> Mystery Wife -> Other Woman 
Other highlights include: yopes (a combination of yes and nope), a fish among friends (as they say), and TAS PI (pronounced Tass Pee Eye not Tee A Ess Pee Eye ).

6) Ate left over Rajun Cajun for dinner. Yum.

7) Went to the Fires Escape meeting and signed up for the 48 hour film festival as a team of myself. Or as I wrote on the form: I AM A TEAM. I will probably bounce ideas off Stephanie that night because she is excellent for bouncing ideas. She is good at redirecting them as they bounce back and deflating the once that shouldn't bounce. In an ideal world all my ideas would be filtered by Stephanie or a tiny robot of Stephanie that I could take with me. I mean she's already a robot to begin with,  it should be easy enough to shrink and duplicate her. 

8) Played No More Heroes. Today's demeaning job was pumping gas and unlike collecting coconuts, mowing lawns and picking up trash, it was actually boring. However completing it opened up a cool mini-mission where you are always in supermode (the games calls it Dark Side mode, which when coupled with the fact your weapon is a lightsaber makes it seem like this is actually some very strange star wars spin-off game). 

9) Took a tiny nap. Maybe 20 minutes. It was mostly unintentional ("I'm just going to lie down in my bed and listen to music for a while...") but quite refreshing.

10) I have a clean apartment. Of course, this means I washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and vacuumed everywhere (vacuums are awesome) but such things are sometimes necessary.

11) Ate a delicious orange. When I went to HPP I had been skeptical about the oranges, because they all were slightly beat up looking (you know how towards the end of a fruit's season all the acceptable but less pretty ones show up) but I decided to get some anyway. I shouldn't have worried, unlike an apple, when an orange has a bruise, it doesn't mean there's part of the fruit that might be not so good, it just means the peel has a bruise and you're going to throw that away anyway. Moral: don't judge an orange by it's cover.

12) Remembered that there are 3 new episodes of House i have yet to watch and they are all available to watch for free on the internet. Watched "It's a Wonderful Lie" The best parts belonged to Wilson (of course). The most hilarious part was when he and House were walking down a hallway and House asked "Where are we going?" Wilson replies, "Nowhere. I just know it hurts you." I laughed out loud. Very loud. He also was wearing a rEdiculous reindeer hat that could wave. Oh Wilson.

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