Tuesday, February 26, 2008


1) As I woke up this morning I remembered the tail end of a dream I was having. In my dream there is a legend about Hermes. Hermes never knew his father, but one time while sleeping he finds his father in a dream. He was filled with both joy and sorrow, because while he was glad to finally meet his father, he knew he might never see him again and might not even remember he had seen him. Thus, the narrator of my dream explained, falling asleep was like going home and waking up was both a burden and a relief. Not quite as meta as my "Dream Savior" dream, but it adds to my meta dream mythology.

2) Lunch included mango slices, mesquite smoked turkey on san fransisco sour asiago and peppercorn bread and a navel orange

3) Renee said today that she had looked over the applications for the Senior Producer position and there were at least 11 good resumes and she was going to start scheduling interviews. Woohoo! This person can't be hired fast enough.

4) The ant traps seem to have significantly reduced the number of ants. I didn't expect to see results so fast. I still see a couple here and there, but nothing like yesterday.

5) Last night I cooked the rice and cut up all the vegetables for peanut chicken and fried rice so they were very easy and quick to make today.

6) They were also delicious. The chciken was a little spicier than I usually make it, but i liked it even better, it was at a nice threshold of spiciness, it didn't really burn at all, but you could still feel it.

7) I picked up a six pack of sierra nevada pale ale and Kelly brought over one of left hand milk stout. We each only had two beers, but they were both nice and enjoyable.

8) Oh yeah, Kelly Finn was at my apartment for a few hours! She came over and we had dinner and then I helped her get the dances she organized to take place in the library (known as ECNAD) in to a youtube ready format.

9) It was fun watching through the ECNAD videos even if I didn't like watching myself dancing. I am by no means a dancer and only did it because it's an awesome thing to have a synchronized dance break out in the middle of the library when everyone is trying to study for finals. Sadly she did not have footage of "Beat It" which was the first dance and perhaps the best.

10) While we were waiting for the videos to render and such we played some Wii. As always it was lots of fun to watch Kelly make her Mii.

11) Then we played wii sports. Mostly Tennis because Kelly was on the Tennis team and because tennis is really fun, but also some bowling and some boxing. Kelly did not try baseball because she thought she would embarrass herself. Little does she know that how badly I orignally did at wii baseball.

12) Kelly brought a plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies

13) Once the videos were done I got to cross ECNAD off my to-do list. Oh how I love crossing things off of lists.

14) Mom shared her pictures from Isaiah's 1st birthday. Here's one from the photobooth:

And there's this great picture where everyone is smiling and looking the same way

Which is much harder to achieve when there are 7 people and one of them is a baby:

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