Monday, March 31, 2008

Wait, I have to go back to work? Lame.

1) There was pretty substantial fog this morning. But it wasn't cold so it was just beautiful. The way the buildings disappeared into the grey. All the edges fade away.

2) The temperature was pretty nice.

3) It was a slow day at work, which was a nice way to get back into it after that wonderful 3.25 day weekend.

4) Got lunch at the GSB. I got a chicken parm panini, fruit salad, sunchips, and a gold machine Naked juice.

5) Went grocery shopping. I had very little left in my pantry/refrigerator (which is partly why I went out for lunch) but now they are relatively full again.

6) I didn't feel like making a full on dinner so one of the things I picked up a frozen pizza by Kashi. It was a good decision. I think I should do this sort of thing more often. It's a nice compromise between the effort of making a whole meal and the cost of eating out.

7) When I was over at her house Stephanie lent me the DVDs of the first season of 30 Rock so I could see all the hilarity I had missed. I watched two episodes. "Jack Meets Dennis" highlights: Jack interrogating Jenna about her age, and the Rat King. "Tracy Does Conan" highlights: Dr. Spaceman!!!
Dr. Spaceman: [answering phone] This is Dr. Leo Spaceman.
Liz: Hi, I work with Tracy Jordan, and I think he's having a reaction to some of the medication you've put him on.
Dr. Spaceman: I was afraid this might happen. You know, he's on so many different neuroleptics and tricyclics that there's no telling how they'll mix. But, what can you do? Medicine's not a science.
Liz: What exactly are you treating him for?
Dr. Spaceman: There's not really a name for what Tracy has. Basically, it's erratic tendencies and delusions brought on by excessive notoriety, and certainly not helped by my wildly experimental treatments. [Laughs] Boy, I'm being awfully open with you, Miss. I should not have taken those blue things.
Liz: So, is he dangerous?
Dr. Spaceman: No, he should be fine; so long as you keep him away from bright lights, loud music, and crowds. You know, I'll call in a prescription for something to settle him down as soon as possible. Do you need anything for yourself?
Tracy talking to the Blue dude,
Liz: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It's after six. What am I, a farmer?
Ahh 30 Rock, hands down the funniest thing on television.

8) Played a little Smash

9) Weekly phone call with Mom and Dad. Told them all about the Wonderful Weekend and sending off my application etc.

10) I moved the Star Destroyer to the living room and rearranged the lego display to accommodate it. Here's the overview shot:

Of course, you can't really appreciate all the details (that I so careful placed) in this shot so lets take some closer looks. Off to the left of the Star Destroyer some giant monsters surround a very frightened knight:

Nearby, some horses similarly take their revenge upon another knight.

Under the star destroyer a high speed car chase takes place:

Nearby, some divers discover a skeleton's treasure:

And a skeleton takes revenge with a diver's weapon:

"Watch out!"

At the very tip of the star destroyed there is a climatic clash between the leader of the ninjas and the leader of the flying horses

These two factions are fighting all across the Star Destroyer:

Moving aft, we find that the inmates of Arkham Asylum have escaped (as they are wont to do):

Can batman's allies and clones fend off these nefarious fiends?

Meanwhile an ever more evil group approaches - JarBorg (Jorg Jorg?):

They are enemies of all that is good and true, even Santa Claus:

Just above that, two legendary heroes take on a legendary villain:

Voldemort seems pretty calm, considering he is webbed up and his wand has been whipped from his hands. Maybe it has something to do with those snakes?

And on the very top levels of the star destroyer the endless battle between dwarves and orcs rages on:

It's like David vs. Goliath, except I think Goliath might win this one.

The only downside to putting hte star destroyer up there is that there is no longer space for the buildings I had there before:

11) Not going back outside after I got home.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 4: The Return

1) In the morning we worked on the upper panels of the Star Destroyer. Stephanie arranged the pieces for the final top panel:

Once we had it together it was just a matter of attaching it, which you think would be pretty simple, it looks like Alex has got it in place here:

Then I come over to assist him in securing it.

Paul comes over to help by supervising.

"Yes, very good, just like that."

However, somethign was wrong and I pulled the whole thing off.

Paul decides to intervene.

We all check to make sure it's on right.

Success! We all smile.

2) We played through the rest of the Smash Brothers single player mode. Alex and I did most of it, but Alex also went away for a while and Stephanie helped me out as Bowser. Sonic showed up like a dues ex machina and then we beat the last (weird) boss. And then there were unskippable, non-interactive credits. What gives?

3) For lunch we had dino chicken sandwiches. Narm narm narm.

4) Stephanie and I again tricked Paul and Alex into doing something else so we could watch Torchwood. The episode was "Combat." The premise of the episode wasn't anything particularly interesting, but there were a couple good moments. Gwen was a total psycho at one point in this episode and there was some weird (sub)text between Owen and the NPC of the week, Stephanie and I couldn't really figure it out.

5) Stephanie showed me a few bits of Dr. Who, and this time it wasn't just limited to Torchwood related stuff. She just wanted to show me the glory of the 10th Doctor.

6) Tiffany came over and we played Shadows over Camelot. We were playing through pretty fast because Alex was going to have to leave for the airport. Perhaps because we were playing so fast we made some less than great decisions and Paul (Traitor!) defeated us handily. To be fair we also got some really bad cards right at the beginning that ensured non of us had extravagant 3s.

7) We worked a little more on the Star Destroyer.

This picture was our first attempt to recreate the opening of the original Star Wars.

Then we remembered that my camera can take movies and made this wonderful short movie. Tiffany, Paul and I sang the Imperial march while Alex propelled the Star Destroyer and Stephanie filmed and laughed hysterically.

8) Alex departed which was sad but inevitable, but then Krista arrived and helped do some detail work on the Star Destroyer and talk about her Spring Break.

9) Tiffany then drove Krista, me and the Star Destroyer home. This is good because I would have looked very silly carrying the Star Destroyer on the bus. I might have looked a little something like this.

10) By the time I got back to my apartment it was relatively late and I had no interest in going to the grocery store, but I managed to make do with the stuff I had in the apartment for dinner.

11) This should have gone somewhere else in the weekend, but Stephanie and Paul got me this really cool little turtle from Mexico. He is sitting on my desk. He is quite adorable.

12) After I unpacked I spent some time catching up on the internet. So much can transpire in a weekend.

13) Then I spent a little time unlocking the rest of the characters and stages in Smash Brothers. There wasn't much to do after we beat the Subspace Emissary. Now all 35 characters and 41 stages are open. Woohoo! My next goal is to unlock all the music.

14) Then I finished the Star Destoryer. It was already pretty far along when I got home:

It was nice when there got to be few enough parts that I could finally take them out of the bags.

The final product:

It's not that big, its only takes up half of my kitchen table.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 1: The Arrival

1) I woke up but then surrendered to SleepyDave and did what he does best for a little while.

2) Talking with Renee. About what? In what way? I don't remember all the events of this morning have been overshadowed by the following days.

3) What I do remember is using some vacation hours to take an early afternoon. Alex's flight got in at 3 and I wouldn't be a very good host if I didn't entertain him now would I? Also I didn't feel like spending any more time in the office. So I went home and did a little last minute cleaning (by which I mean moving the Legos off of every available flat surface in my apartment to a smaller subset of these surfaces.)

4) Alex arrives! I gave him the grand tour of my apartment and then we got right down to business.

5) Video game business that is. So Smash Brothers allows 2 players to play co-operatively through the main story mode and even though playing through the story mode is the easiest and fastest way to unlock all the characters I had held off on playing it specifically so I could play through it with Alex. Way more fun. I think the best moment was when after many failed attempts we finally defeated a giant, evil, purple, clone of Diddy Kong. It was a lot harder than you might think and defeating it together was very satisfying.

We also played a few regular multiplayer matches since that is the heart of Smash Brothers.

6) About 3 hours later Alex left to go hang out with some of his other friends and he asked me "What are you going to do while I'm gone." It was at that moment I came to the glorious realization that I had absolutely nothing to do. I've been so busy working on the Lego job application the past month and before (and during) that I was super busy with work etc. But since the application was sent and I was on vacation there was nothing to do. Hooray!

7) So of course I did the only logical thing. I figured out a way to confirm that my application had been received by Netdevil even though I hadn't received a confirmation e-mail. I just used my website's stats package that lets me see the recent visitors to my site and tells me where they came from. Thank you Internet.

8) Then I went and got Boston Market for dinner. Oh man I know it's probably not very good for me, but it's so delicious and my current rate is eating there every 6 months. I got the dark meat meal with mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples (and cornbread of course.) Mmmmm....

9) Watched an episode of Freakazoid. The episode itself wasn't only so-so but the very beginning had a great ramble by the narrator. Just watch the first minute and a quarter of this video. The end was funny too. "Somebody make a lighthearted comment so we can all laugh and go home." Instead they go to see the movie Babeheart. (Watch this video starting at 9:08.)

10) Then I did what I thought I was going to do when I first realized I had nothing to do. Take a nap. Twas a glorious nap.

11) Then Alex returned and we played more Smash Brothers. We played until something like 2 AM. I don't even know the last time I was up past 1. Weird. Also I thought it was weird that Alex was awake and coherent past midnight. But as he pointed out in California time that would be midnight. We unlocked a character after defeating a group of tough bosses.

12) Then we went to sleep with only more wonderful stuff ahead.

Exciting, terrifying, relieving, nerve-wracking etc.

"Thank You!
We have received your application and will review it as soon as we can. You should also receive an email confirmation shortly."

I'm going to sleep. Otherwise I will just constantly be clicking the refresh button on my inbox.

Monday, March 24, 2008

CAPs is more helpful than some people say

1) One thing I got at Treasure Island on Saturday was some fresh squeezed Orange Juice. I thought it might work to lure SleepyDave into the kitchen. The kitchen is the room in the apartment where he has the least power.

2) This Lego Noir Vignette is awesome. Again thanks to The Brothers Brick.

3) Finally took the last step and sent in my taxes (electronically of course, because paper is dead). They'd been sitting around near complete for a week or two and just hadn't had a chance to finish them up. I accomplished my goal of getting them in before April, which is much nicer than doing them super last minute, because the last thing I need right now is more deadline stress.

4) Then I headed to campus for my CAPs meeting. It was super helpful. It took me a while to explain the position to the career counselor, but once she got it, she knew exactly what I needed to do. She said she loved the "romance" of my cover letter. She helped me tighten up my resume and even gave some advice on my portfolio.

5) Very short work day. I was feeling pretty sick all morning, and I had been planning to take a long lunch to cover the CAPs meeting anyway. I was still feeling kind of nauseous after that but there were some things I had to do so I went in for a few hours.

6) A bunch of employees stopped by at one point or another today. It was so nice to know things were getting done even in my absence.

7) This Super Mario Multiverse video which comes in both edutainment and standard flavors

8) Dinner (probably more skillet lasagna)

9) Played a little Smash

10) Made new drafts of me cover letter, resume and portfolio based on the CAPs feedback.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

In a colorless world

This is in case you want the knight to look more like it's carved out of stone.


1) Sleeping in very late, must have been almost noon when I got up. It's like when I was in college.

2) Had some delicious coffee cakes as a breakfast type thing to tide me over until the

3) Brunch! I went with Krista to a little brunch that Stephanie M. was putting on. There was fruit and (turkey) bacon and mimosas and Morgan Parker. All wonderful. I met the infamous Ketarie (I have no idea if that's how to spell her name) who I had imagined differently. The cat didn't make me too congested and overall it was a very enjoyable time.

4) Getting in to Ida. I was worried I wasn't going to make it, because I knew the guy was only supposed to be there until 3 and I thought he might have locked up a little early, but indeed I was able to get in at 2:50.

5) Mom sent out pictures of Isaiah from his visit to Doylestown in March. He was standing up all over the place in the pictures. He also had his first haircut.

"What is she doing up there?"
With his new haircut, he is starting to look much more like a little kid as opposed to a baby. He's growing up so fast!

6) The return of stephanie to gchat

7) Finishing the knight statue. I don't know if I've said enough how cool I think it is. I really think I'm going to need to build one out of real bricks, even if I don't get the job.

8) Talking with mom and dad, we talked about Isaiah and they described some delicious desserts.

9) I was pretty hungry when I got home, so I was very excited to eat dinner.

10) Sam's new torchwood fic

11) Played a little smash

12) Talking to Alex about the approaching weekend of awesome.

13) Put together a barebones version of my web portfolio. I needed to get it together for my CAPs meeting the next day. It was nice to have rough versions of all three parts of my application finished so I had something to polish.

Giant Knight

First I added his other leg:

Then i made a prototype shield and placed it next to him

Then I built the final shield and an arm and a hand to attach it. Here is the finished product:

This is one of the coolest things I've ever made out of Legos. Possibly the coolest. I'm going to need to build this guy out of physical Legos at some point.