Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1) Had a strange dream just before waking up. There was a knick knack shop that was supernatural. I was warned ahead of time that I had to go in knowing exactly what I wanted to find and not get distracted by anything else.
(Of course no one bothered to tell me why this was the case. I feel that if the consequences were spelled out more fully in situations like this {like in horror movies} it would be easier for people to abide by the rules. Or realize that they were not up to it and back out gracefully. But then I guess there wouldn't be a horror movie. Anyway, back to the dream.)
So I went in with some others for furniture, got distracted by legos and then became separated from the group and lost within a store which was much bigger than it looked from the outside. There was an ominous stuffed animal elephant I kept passing and soon it was the only thing left and I fell into darkness.

2) Sending off a DVD for work successfully. I was instructed to take it to a place that didn't exist. And I went and discovered that it didn't exist. I looked for it in a couple other places and then was about to give up. But then I decided that I was going to find it gosh darn it and I did. It was in a logical place, just not where I was told it would be. Anyway I was proud of myself for finding it.

3) There were St. Patrick's Day cookies (a day late but still delicious) in the break room. Sugar cookies with those green sparkles.

4) Set up the DVD duplicator on top of my new filing cabinet. This is good because I wasn't sure what I was going to do with that empty space. It also means I no longer have to walk to the other end of the building to duplicate DVDs. Also it happens that one of the drawers in the fling cabinet is exactly the right height to put a bucket to catch the DVDs that the robot shots out. Also I like robots, especially when they do my work for me. I used the duplicator to make 200 copies of one DVD and 150 copies of another this week.

5) Played some Smash on stages I made.

6) Had dinner at the Snail with Nikki (who was in town for a few days) and Ali, Emily, Abe, John Cowperthwait, some guy (Ben?) and some other guy who I recognize and think his name is Joe. I had the Bangkok Chicken for the first time, it was pretty good. It was nice to catch up.

7) After dinner they all headed to the Pub, but I had to go into work for a little while and so split off. However, a little while later I got a call from Ali and she told me to look out my window. They were all across the street waving at me. It made me smile.

8) Talking to Alex on gchat about the awesome weekend we were going to have when he was here for spring break. (As you'll find out when I get to those wonderfuls, it was truly awesome.)

9) Headed over to the Fire Escape Office to put in some time with Lego Digital Designer. The end result - a bunch of lego weapons. Appropriate I think.

10) When I got home I played around with the stage builder builder in smash a bit more.

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