Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another work day

Even though this was Saturday and I'd already had a long week, I had to work from 7:45 - 5:00. Though to be fair I had a break in there for a couple hours, but still. Anyway, let's not dwell on such unpleasant things.

1) At the early morning shoot I found my scarf, which I had lost the previous day. Take that, Winter!

2) There was also a complimentary breakfast set up at that shoot. Had a plateful of fruit and a bagel and some orange juice

3) Luckily I had a couple employees helping out, so I didn't have to try and cover everything (which would have required me being in two places at once).

4) It also meant that I was able to take almost a two hour lunch break. I went home and finished off some leftovers.

5) I also had a quick chat with Lila, in which I told her about the perfect job.

6) Watched an episode of Freakazoid that took us in to the "Freakazone", the place inside of the head of Dexter Douglas (Freakazoid's mild-mannered alter-ego) where Freakazoid relaxes while Dexter is in control of their body.

7) Then I went back to work. The thing I was recording didn't require me to do much, just sit by the camera and make sure nothing went wrong. So I passed the time by reading Eric's blog from my ipod. The future is here.

8) After work I was on my way home and not sure what to do for dinner. I callen my friend Anat, but she did not pick up, but then I remembered Jimmy Johns was on the way home so I grabbed a sandwich there.

9) Anat called back and told me of her plans to go to a big dinner things where there was going to be music and such and told me I should come along. I changed out of my work clothes into jeans and a hoodie and headed over to meet her there.

10) When talking to Anat I thought she meant is was one of the "Supper Sessions" which I had heard of, but never attended before. The Supper Sessions are organized by some U of C alumni that are maybe a year or two older than me and are generally full of people who are either still going to college or right out of it.
What I actually ended up going to was a "Salon" that was happening at the house of two physics professors and most of the attendees were other professors or other academic people. And while it wasn't a "fancy party," it was certainly fancier than I was expecting and I felt completely out of place until Anat showed up a few minutes after I did and I was able to stick with her.
We got some food and then it was time for the performance to begin so we all went into the living room where there were rows of chairs set-up. Anat and I sat in the back. There was a baby grand (i think) piano at the front of the room and after a brief introduction by the host and hostess the first performer went up to the piano. He prefaced it by saying "if you're expecting Beethoven, now might be a good time to go aside for a cigarette."
Imagine that you are in a fancyish room full of professor type people all sitting quietly to watch the performance and then the guy goes to the piano and starts playing a horror movie soundtrack. That's what this was like. It was a piece by a ridiculously obscure Korean composer and it was very dissonant and full of sudden changes. When he would turn the pages between sections you could feel the discomfort in the room. And this is what made me feel much more comfortable being there.
The next performance was a magician. He had someone pick a card and show it to the audience. He then had the volunteer put the card in an envelope. Then he gave the volunteer a clear plastic bag and some rope and asked him to put the bag over his (the magician) hand and tie it fast. Then the magician concentrated very hard and lo and behold inside the plastic bag appeared a tiny piece of the volunteer's card. The corner, just enough to verify it was the same (6 of spades). Then he told the volunteer to go open the envelope that he had put the card in. And lo and behold it was missing a corner and they matched exactly. It was genuinely impressive and the magician was a funny guy so it was really enjoyable.
Then there was another musical performance. This time it was a guy playing the guitar, except he was using a different type of tuning and had a clamp on the strings so only the lower half vibrated. Then he played some fiddle tunes. It was very cool. After that there was a short break and i headed out because I still wanted to at least try to do the 48 hour film festival, even if I had less than 24 hours left.

11) Oh yeah, at the Salon I had some pizza which I think might have had shrimp on it. I hadn't noticed that it had anything on it when I grabbed it, but as I ate it I tasted something tasty, which I think were tiny shrimp. Tasty.

12) I headed to the 48 hour film festival headquarters to use my reserved computer time from 9 -12. Most of this time I just played around with Lego Digital Designer to figure out how I could use it for animation. I also ate half of my Jimmy John's sandwich and drank a Sierra Mist which Mead was kind enough to go buy for me. There were a couple student bands playing while I was there and while the first one was a bit too loud for my tastes, the second one I thoroughly enjoyed. One of my student employees was in the second band. Even though I only had three seconds of animation, I left shortly after midnight, because I'm getting old and I had gotten up at 6:30.

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