Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ant Destroyer VII: The Revenge

1) Woke up to some silly alarm I set and then went back to sleep for exactly an hour and got up the second time right when I wanted to with no alarm. Small victories.

2) Had a leisurely morning. Read a lego blogging editorial on The Brother's Brick. I don't know that this qualifies quite as a Lego blog. I mean Legos come up pretty frequently and recently most of my posts have been pictures of my Lego creations, but still was an interesting read.

3) Played some more Smash and almost unlocked Sonic.

4) Took a shower

5) Got lunch at UMart. A California wrap (turkey, avocado, chedder, cucumber, sprouts) and Blue Machine naked juice. Blue Machine might be too intense for me.

6) Spent 4 hours working on Tony's Burger place. The pictures are in a post above or below this one. Following Lego blogging etiquette I am going to "add value" by pointing out some interesting features. If you look closely at teh windows you'll notice some of them are set at 45 degrees. I accomplished this using a 2 x 2 turntable piece on the bottom and the top of the window. If I was building with physical legos I probably would have used something like the hinge plates, but alas, they are not part of LDD so I had to improvise.

7) The vending machines in Ida Noyes are finally back in place and accepting money. They were moved out a while back when work was being done on the floor. Months later they finally returned. But then they were not operational for a few days, they just stood there taunting me. Finally they are back in working order. Now I can finally use all this change I've accumulated.

8) I returned home briefly and had a snack.

9) I also finally unlocked Sonic the Hedgehog in Smash Brothers. He's one of the things I was most excited about in this game and now I finally get to use him. He controls oddly, but appropriately. The Spin Dash is there in it all it's spinful glory.

10) So I've mentioned how my apartment was invaded by ants a while back and how I've set out numerous baits/poison for them and yet I can seem to get rid of them completely. Well today I had a breakthrough. A disgusting breakthrough. So I noticed an ant crawling on the kitchen wall and i was about to kill it when it disappeared. The place it disappearing into was a bulge in the paint that was right under the paper towel dispenser. I knew this was not a good thing. I used the paint scraper to open up the bulge and a whole bunch of ants swarmed out. It was really gross but I kept my cool. I knew what I had to do. I let the ants return to their bulge and then I stabbed at it with the paint scraper. I scraped until I was sure there was no where else they were hiding and then I killed all the ones that were hiding in the pile of debris. A lot of the ants seemed to be dead already, so I think the poision was working, there were just too many ants.Yeah it was gross, but since I destroyed their stronghold I have seen very few ants around. From now on you can call me David Pickett: Ant Destroyer.

11) Returned to Fire Escape for 4 more hours on Tony's.

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