Monday, March 24, 2008

CAPs is more helpful than some people say

1) One thing I got at Treasure Island on Saturday was some fresh squeezed Orange Juice. I thought it might work to lure SleepyDave into the kitchen. The kitchen is the room in the apartment where he has the least power.

2) This Lego Noir Vignette is awesome. Again thanks to The Brothers Brick.

3) Finally took the last step and sent in my taxes (electronically of course, because paper is dead). They'd been sitting around near complete for a week or two and just hadn't had a chance to finish them up. I accomplished my goal of getting them in before April, which is much nicer than doing them super last minute, because the last thing I need right now is more deadline stress.

4) Then I headed to campus for my CAPs meeting. It was super helpful. It took me a while to explain the position to the career counselor, but once she got it, she knew exactly what I needed to do. She said she loved the "romance" of my cover letter. She helped me tighten up my resume and even gave some advice on my portfolio.

5) Very short work day. I was feeling pretty sick all morning, and I had been planning to take a long lunch to cover the CAPs meeting anyway. I was still feeling kind of nauseous after that but there were some things I had to do so I went in for a few hours.

6) A bunch of employees stopped by at one point or another today. It was so nice to know things were getting done even in my absence.

7) This Super Mario Multiverse video which comes in both edutainment and standard flavors

8) Dinner (probably more skillet lasagna)

9) Played a little Smash

10) Made new drafts of me cover letter, resume and portfolio based on the CAPs feedback.

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