Friday, March 21, 2008

End of Winter Quarter!

1) Saw some cool lego walls and writing implements thanks to the brothers-brick.

2) The fact that some students would be working the next week (their spring break) was very exciting. They would have any classes to take up all their time.

3) Renee informed me that an event I was dreading was canceled!

4) Catching the 171 right after I left work.

5) I had a snack that I severely needed and then played some smash.

6) Got a nice long e-mail update from Adam.

7) Read chapter 4 of the cc prequel.

8) Sam's new torchwood fic.

9) Got a Naked juice and calzone from walgreens. So that day a couple days ago when I said I might have had a calzone, that was a lie. It was today. Sorry.

10) I spent the rest of the night working on my cover letter. I'm not very good at cover letters, but this one was easier to write than most. I just hope they appreciate my enthusiasm.

11) Played a little more smash when I got home.

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