Wednesday, March 19, 2008


1) Getting into work at 10. It's been so long since I wrote this list down that I don't remember if I was considering 10 an early time or a late time to be getting in. Some days it's an accomplishment and other days it's a lazy time.

2) Getting DVD stuff done. Sending a few things off to clients.

3) A few students came in today, although most of them not to work. It's understandable as this was finals week. It was nice to see them anyway though. They broke up the day.

4) Ben, on the other hand, did come in to work. That's even better.

5) Dinner. That's all I wrote. i have no idea what I ate now that it's two weeks later. It could have been Peppercorn Chicken. I think this is the week I had that. Maybe.

6) I got some laundry done, which I think was getting to the point of desperation.

7) Took a nice refreshing shower

8) Ali sent me this powerthirst video which is pretty funny. It reminded me of this Nutrigrain Ad. Why? Babies! 500 of them.

9) Taking out the trash and recycling, which were very full.

10) Went back to campus and got a Naked Gold Machine and "Dinner 2". What did dinner 2 consist of? I don't remember. It might have been a pepperoni calzone. I had one of those sometime this week.

11) Did a little work in the office. Oh yeah, I had to empty the DVD duplicator and fill it up with more DVDs. It can only burn 50 at a time and it takes 5-8 hours to do so. And I needed 350 burned between Tuesday and Thursday.

12) I went to the Fire Escape Office and designed a giant lego head.

13) I was so pleased with how it turned out that when I came home I built it out of physical legos. Not wanting to have a big lego head just lying around my apartment I decided to drop it on the mannequin.

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