Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

1) Sleeping in the interim between the first and second alarm

2) Unlocking Falco and Mr. Game and Watch in Smash Brothers. I only unlocked Falco because it was the easiest way to unlock Mr. Game and Watch. I now have 31/35 characters. The other 4 pretty much require playing through the Subspace Emissary, which I had put on hold until Alex gets here.

3) I decided that even though I wanted to get my application for the Lego job done as soon as possible I couldn't put my entire life on hold to do so. So today I barely worked on it and spent some time dealing with other concerns in my life. To start I paid the electric bill and set up online payments for gas bill.

4) Then I did my taxes. I've never done them before April before. I always put them off until the last minute, even though they are not hard to do. I'm not getting much of a refund. Most of my federal refund is balanced out by the amount I have to pay Illinois because Illinois is greedy. However my parents are giving me a pseudo tax return for the difference between what i'm getting and what I would have gotten if they didn't claim me as a dependent. They said it would still be cheaper for them to do this and they have every right to claim me as a dependent for last year. I certainly was until June. I'm not going to argue with money.

5) There were a lot of dishes to wash but I made it better by washing them in stages throughout the day.

6) Played around with Smash Brothers stage building feature. This is probably one of the best additions to this version of Smash Brothers. It extends the replay value immensely. The stage builder appeals to me because it's like playing with legos. You have a bunch of different pieces you can arrange in different ways. And then you get to play on the stage you've built. I think the best stages I built are Pinball, Bouncy Castle, and Loop de Loop. However I have many more to buildin the future.

7) Finished reading chapter 3 of the CC prequel

8) Went grocery shopping. I'm so glad that Treasure Island is open. It's much closer than HPP and has everything and it's open past 5 on Sunday. I went after 5 today just because I could.

9) I discovered what may be the best thing about Treasure Island. In the bulk food section they have a bin of mango slices! And these are unsulfured mango slices like Trader Joe's. They might be pricey. I'd have to do a comparison. I do know they are delicious.

10) Talking with mom and dad. I actually had a lot to tell them, since I hadn't updated my blog for most of the week. We talked about work and the lego job etc.

11) Like most people I don't enjoy spam. However, some spam I enjoy because it sounds like surrealist poetry. Here's one I received today:


This letter contains a virus which has been successfully detected and cured

Appeared. The bridegroom was richly apparelled, he muttered.
anyways...can i get you some room triumph was, however,
more superficial than real, cut me, jock made sharp return.
one pasteboard 'yes,' i said. 'king's paddock. Mrs ferrars.'
seems, was merely an attempt to intimidate the some of these
terminal cities were not in existence him away to the asylum
and she eventually recovered i told him the old ones were
in boles. And then,' and passed straight on. Qa y est, said
m. Hercule enclosing a snap of bert and me. One of the boys
to contain his feelings any longer, he burst forth: is a
typically english i've no explanation of she could descry
it settling into form. She was a speech which was surely
most offensive, had.

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