Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap Day

1) Today was a packed day. I worked for close to 10 hours and it was all over the place. On average days I'm in the CMIG office all day and maybe I go to one shoot and maybe a meeting. Today I had to change location at least 14 times. Granted a lot of those were repeats and some of them were just short stops, but still. Luckily the weather was niceish so it wasn't miserable walking around.

2) The first thing I did was a shoot at the GSB and it was actually rather enjoyable, the guy I was working with was nice and that can make all the difference.

3) When I was helping set up a different shoot I was working with Aaron Rester. He's one of CMIG's strongest allies. He had an entire audio set-up just for us to plug into and signs up telling people that the event was being video-recorded. It's so nice to work with a client who actually understands our needs.

4) I completely forgot that the end of the month means I get a paycheck. Sweet!

5) While I was running around I was listening to my ipod a bit and the shuffle served me up exactly what I wanted/needed.

6) One of the reasons today was so crazy was that Renee was out sick again and that meant that I was basically running the whole office. It was nice to know that I was able to handle eveything, a feat I definitely couldn't have accomplished 6 months ago.

7) When I went back to the Law School for the second or third time there was a little snack table set up for the conference we were filming. I helped myself to a strawberry and a delicious brownie (it had chocolate chips).

8) So I'm typing this entry based on a list I wrote down in my organizer. I don't know what this means but apparently "15 move" was something wonderful that happened that day. It's a mystery to me.

9) Near the end of the (work) day I was walking across the midway listening to my ipod and started dancing like one of those people in the commercial. I discovered that it is very hard to keep your earbuds in while doing so.

10) Talking to Stephanie in the little breaks between running around

11) I went to the beginning of the 48 hour film festival. I already knew I wasn't going to be able to participate very much. because I was going to have to work on Saturday and possibly Sunday, but I wanted to at least pretend I was going to make a movie, so I went and got my prompts and had some free soda and subway sandwich and the cool t-shirt given out to all the participants. I was also able to talk to a couple of my employees about recording shoots on Saturday and Sunday.

12) After most of the people had gone to start writing their movies we had a small screenwriter's meeting. It was small in the sense that there were only four of us. We talked about Macabre County and NNN for quite some time. They helped me fill out all five levels of the Toy Alert Scale I already knew Craze was the highest and Fad was below that, but what of the other three?
Here's what we came up with:
This is perfect. Then we talked about NNN more generally. I don't know how it happened but suddenly an hour had passed and it had basically just been me telling them all about various aspects of the NNN universe. I mean it's their fault for prompting me with questions like "Where did the Legos come from?" Which of course is a question I can answer, but it involves talking about Phil twin brother and the spin-off series I have planned for him and what the final episode would be. I'll stop myself there.

13) Then we all started walking home and someone siad "anyone want to get dinner?" and then we went to this new "hip" restaurant that I'd been wanting to go to for a while: Chant. We talked about Theo's screenplay and various other topics. It was a lot of fun.

14) I had an appetizer of asparagus rolls which were very good. My entree was a little disappointing so I won't go into that. I also shared a big ginger beer with Theo (as the menu suggested) it was not as weird as it could have been.

15) All the NNN talk had me in that mode so I finally sent Eric Benson a long e-mail about Phil Brickley's life stroy , which won't necessarily help him record the voice samples for the first episode, but I like to think the more he knows about the character the more he can immerse himself in the role


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