Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Green's Day

1) Sleeping in. But because I took a shower at night I was still able to get to work at a reasonable time. SleepyDave has been unstoppable recently, so I just have to work with him.

2) At work I focused and finally got two DVDs done that have been lingering around for too long. When I say doen, I mean I finalized the master copy. The duplication and labeling come over the next few days.

3) Took a nap. Don't remember how long.

4) Made peppercorn chicken and maple carrots for dinner. Delicious.

5) Returned to campus for the evening. Stopped by the overpriced campus convenience store and bought a Naked Green Machine and a Peanut Butter chip cookie. Yum.

6) Spent 2 hours on lego creation.

7) J-P sent me a link to this onion article about the Wii. Like most Onion articles the main idea is the funniest part, but this one actually did a good job of remaining funny throughout.

8) This made me think of Bill Hick's hilarious hooligan bit. Which I first heard because of J-P.

9) Had a nice walk home. The weather can be downright springish sometimes. I've been trying to walk instead of taking the shuttles more recently since walking to and from campus is pretty much the only exercise I've had time for recently.

10) Took a nice relaxing shower before bed.

11) Another surrealist spam, it has a phrase or two that I enjoy. "His old haphazard slipslop" for instance.


Enclosed a seed. These seeds were all joined at are seen
of even great rishis who have laid down body, and was for
the moment filled with blind anima sua et pro animabus antecessorum
suorum, in her eyes. I think it is foolish of you to think
energy, the son of radha, feeling the propriety it. I had
hoped to hold them off. They intend summon (to thy side)
whatever celestials thou 'kine are yielders of ghee and
milk. They are then again, when you hear the gospel of our
elder audacious sureness of his hand had excited his o king,
perform a homa with all its ten parts. His old haphazard
slipslop and his present honest to all the magadhas, at
that point where those slay him)! Hast thou then, by the
slaughter of.

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