Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not much of a day

1) Slept in

2) Had a really good talk with Renee about things to do to reduce the stress and make my workload more managable etc. Of course a lot of it is just talk, there's still only so much we can do since our student employees are are busy with finals and she's still interviewing people for the Senior Producer position.

3) Walker was in today and was actually editing again as opposed to just putting Ikea furniture together, which is what we had him doing the past two or three times he's been in.

4) Walking outside in pretty nice weather. It was kind of like Spring is supposed to feel.

5) After work went to the last Screenwriter's meeting of the quarter. I ended up begin there for about 5 and a half hours. Only a small part of it was spent actually reading through / discussing someone's work. We watched a movie first and then we were just hanging out talking about all sorts of stuff. I wish I had written some highlights down. The one thing I do remember is actually from the Screenwriter's meeting back from the 48 hour film festival. When we were at Chant we had dicussed funny things Theo (Burtis) could name his kids. My favorite was Bamboo Burtis. But yeah that came up again at the meeting tonight among many other things I don't remember.

But anyway I had a good time and I realized that I was really glad I was part of the screenwriting circle, not just because it forced me to polish up the NNN pilot script and what not but because it's a fun social thing too.

6) The movie we watched was Shaun of the Dead. It's really funny and I had never seen it before. It's great for the first third of the movie to see how the main character is totally oblivious to the zombie apocalypse that's quite obviously happening in the background. Then the way that they deal with the zombies is just hilarious. They take advantage of the fact that zombies are not particularly fast, smart, or observant and are easily distracted.

7) By the time screen writer's was over it was 11 and I hadn't eaten dinner. Suprisingly I wasn't too hungry. I just had some tortilla chips and hummus and a chewy bar and that sufficed.

8) The Brothers-Brick pointed me to this awesome lego creation. It's a post-apocalyptic Japanese garden thing. if you don't feel like looking through the whole thing at least check out these pictures. Very cool.

9) Had some ideas about how I'm going to put together my Lego digital design portfolio.

10) Played a little Smash and unlocked Snake, who unlike the characters Fox and Wolf is not the animal that his name implies. He's some sort of secret agent. I don't know I've never played a game from his series. He has a lot of explosives.

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