Saturday, March 8, 2008


1) Woke up without an alarm. And it wasn't too late either. Around 10.

2) Had waffles and bacon for breakfast.

3) Played video games for a little while, because I haven't done it in a while and I do so enjoy it. Just a little Super Mario World. Finally got out of the Forest of Illusion. Not that I don't love the forest of Illusion, but it's the only point in the game when you can really feel trapped.

4) Sorted that tupperware full of brown and green lego that I brought back from home. As always, when I sort it means that I add a new category or two or redefine a few others and so on.

5) Stephanie sent me the link to this hilarious bonus from the Ratatouille DVD your friend the rat video

6) Talking with Stephanie this afternoon/evening

7) This interview with the CEO of Lego

8) Talking to my parents and Jenny

9) Finally catching up on the Blog. This was actually the majority of my day, it takes me about half an hour to an hour to write an entry and I wrote 10 today. So this one is a little bare bones, but mostly because most of the day I was just processing/compiling what I've done this past week and a half.

10) Not leaving my apartment once today. After all that time running around and several days with multiple trips to the office/campus it's nice to go anywhere.

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concretesphinx said...

The forest of illusion is always where i stopped playing. Also because i knew the chocolate dinosaur place was next and that was even harder. The chocolate dinosaur place was where my brother gave up.