Friday, March 21, 2008


1) The Transplant DVDs are finally delivered! This project has been around for way way too long and it's finally out of my hands. What a relief.

2) Renee offering to take care of some of the things I didn't want to deal with.

3) I got a surprise care package from Mom and Dad! It had many goodies: pretzel goldfish, coffee cakes, a chocolate bunny and...

4) Mango slices! These are on the same level as Trader Joe's and Treasure Island mango slices. They came just at the right time of day. I immediately ate a few. Yum.

5) Walker was in most of the day. He spent all the time he was in labeling those 350 DVDs and putting them in cases. A task that I would have otherwise had to complete. It's nice to pass off menial tasks.

6) The 171 got me home quickly.

7) Finishing off the last of the peppercorn chicken. Aha! That must be what I ate yesterday!

8) Using the head I built yesterday and a regular minifigure for scale I used a considerable amount of my lego collection to build this giant lego man.

He has a peg leg not just because I was running out of green, but also because I was only building him to figure out how to make the torso and legs and once I'd built one leg there was no reason to build a second leg. Except of course to keep him vertical. I was so excited about this guy that I made a mini version of him and gave him to the mannequin to hold:

And here's a shot to give a sense of scale:

9) Walker e-mailing me that the GSB DVDs were done, which meant I didn't have to go back into work.

10) I set off back to campus to digitize the lego man. And of course I had to take him with me. Carrying him around in my backpack made me very happy. It was like carrying around a big wonderful secret. Imagine if all those student who saw me knew what was in my backpack. They probably would have thought that Finals had driven me crazy. The joke would have been on them, because I didn't have finals and I've always been crazy.

11) I got an ice cream cookie sandwich at BartMart because a giant lego man entitles me to a giant cookie (or two with ice cream in between). I love those things so much.

12) Digitized the lego torso and leg and added armor and whatnot.

13) A new bit of Jack and Ellis came out today!

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