Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday's Bonus

Tonight I was focusing on making weapons, but along the way I also made this little orange robot:

Here's a line-up of bludgeoning devices from relatively small to absurdly big:

My gun selection is not quite as impressive, but I think the idea of a two-person gun is pretty cool:

That's all for tonight. I think I'm getting close to the point where I feel comfortable
with the size and diversity of my digital lego portfolio that I can just go back and clean some stuff up and then be figure out how I want to present it. My new goal is to have my application finished this weekend. I think that's doable.

I think it was last night that I started working on my resume and tried making bullet points for my current job and had like a dozen. Yikes. I also had to write them in normal language (meet with people to figure stuff out) and then convert them to professional speak (consult with clients to conceptualize and plan projects). Anyway, I should go sleep.

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