Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two Days

1) Stephanie got an interview for a job at Northwestern! She's been applying for jobs for a while now. Her current job is kind of terrible, she doesn't get benefits and it's inconveniently located and not very challenging and she doesn't like most of her coworkers (it's not that she hates them...) and her boss doesn't give good directions, etc.

2) Had to do a make-up shoot for the one we did a while back that looked suspiciously like an "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" ad. Hoever, unlike last time when there were a whole bunch of people in the room, this time it was just me and the talent. He's a cool guy who I recognized from Off Off campus and we are friends with some of the same people. It was nice and casual and we were laughing a lot.

3) Ben Kolak being back. He'd been out of the country for a couple weeks and it was clear just how badly we needed his help. He covered the ridiculously short notice shoot as well as one that was downtown and came in to cover something everyday for the rest of the week.

4) My sandwich for lunch was Turkey and garlic hummus on pita bread. Delicious.

5) I ate the last of the Thin Mints today. They will be missed.

6) So this morning when I went to take a shower I found that the water was ice cold and that I couldn't make it warm at all. I realized that I had no hot water in my apartment. So I didn't take a shower. But after lunch I called Mac to verify the hot water was fixed and then I went home and took a shower and a nap.

7) On the way back to work I got some Rajun Cajun for dinner. I ate the thing that Alex says is the spiciest and I say is not even remotely spicy. And I didn't eat anything else for half an hour to test it out. Did my mouth tingle? Not in the slightest. Now I just need him to do it when he comes here in March so he can see for himself how unspicy it really is. The rest of my dinner is what I usually get at Rajun Cajun. Butter Chicken and rice, potatoes (and eggplant), and two samosas. I spread it out over a while so it became dinner and late night snacks.

8) As part of my efforts to hone my Lego building skills so that I can knock this job application out of the park, I've started reading the Brothers Brick. It seems to be the most widely read Lego related blog and everyday it has great new MOCs by AFOLs.

9) In my continuing quest to build up my Digital Lego portfolio I converted this green birdthing into a digital creation. I had to be pretty crative with pieces to make anything that looked even close to the same:

10) I completed the blue elephant/sheep/unicorn thing:

You can ride it too. Also with a few simple changes it looks more like an elephant:

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