Monday, March 31, 2008

Wait, I have to go back to work? Lame.

1) There was pretty substantial fog this morning. But it wasn't cold so it was just beautiful. The way the buildings disappeared into the grey. All the edges fade away.

2) The temperature was pretty nice.

3) It was a slow day at work, which was a nice way to get back into it after that wonderful 3.25 day weekend.

4) Got lunch at the GSB. I got a chicken parm panini, fruit salad, sunchips, and a gold machine Naked juice.

5) Went grocery shopping. I had very little left in my pantry/refrigerator (which is partly why I went out for lunch) but now they are relatively full again.

6) I didn't feel like making a full on dinner so one of the things I picked up a frozen pizza by Kashi. It was a good decision. I think I should do this sort of thing more often. It's a nice compromise between the effort of making a whole meal and the cost of eating out.

7) When I was over at her house Stephanie lent me the DVDs of the first season of 30 Rock so I could see all the hilarity I had missed. I watched two episodes. "Jack Meets Dennis" highlights: Jack interrogating Jenna about her age, and the Rat King. "Tracy Does Conan" highlights: Dr. Spaceman!!!
Dr. Spaceman: [answering phone] This is Dr. Leo Spaceman.
Liz: Hi, I work with Tracy Jordan, and I think he's having a reaction to some of the medication you've put him on.
Dr. Spaceman: I was afraid this might happen. You know, he's on so many different neuroleptics and tricyclics that there's no telling how they'll mix. But, what can you do? Medicine's not a science.
Liz: What exactly are you treating him for?
Dr. Spaceman: There's not really a name for what Tracy has. Basically, it's erratic tendencies and delusions brought on by excessive notoriety, and certainly not helped by my wildly experimental treatments. [Laughs] Boy, I'm being awfully open with you, Miss. I should not have taken those blue things.
Liz: So, is he dangerous?
Dr. Spaceman: No, he should be fine; so long as you keep him away from bright lights, loud music, and crowds. You know, I'll call in a prescription for something to settle him down as soon as possible. Do you need anything for yourself?
Tracy talking to the Blue dude,
Liz: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It's after six. What am I, a farmer?
Ahh 30 Rock, hands down the funniest thing on television.

8) Played a little Smash

9) Weekly phone call with Mom and Dad. Told them all about the Wonderful Weekend and sending off my application etc.

10) I moved the Star Destroyer to the living room and rearranged the lego display to accommodate it. Here's the overview shot:

Of course, you can't really appreciate all the details (that I so careful placed) in this shot so lets take some closer looks. Off to the left of the Star Destroyer some giant monsters surround a very frightened knight:

Nearby, some horses similarly take their revenge upon another knight.

Under the star destroyer a high speed car chase takes place:

Nearby, some divers discover a skeleton's treasure:

And a skeleton takes revenge with a diver's weapon:

"Watch out!"

At the very tip of the star destroyed there is a climatic clash between the leader of the ninjas and the leader of the flying horses

These two factions are fighting all across the Star Destroyer:

Moving aft, we find that the inmates of Arkham Asylum have escaped (as they are wont to do):

Can batman's allies and clones fend off these nefarious fiends?

Meanwhile an ever more evil group approaches - JarBorg (Jorg Jorg?):

They are enemies of all that is good and true, even Santa Claus:

Just above that, two legendary heroes take on a legendary villain:

Voldemort seems pretty calm, considering he is webbed up and his wand has been whipped from his hands. Maybe it has something to do with those snakes?

And on the very top levels of the star destroyer the endless battle between dwarves and orcs rages on:

It's like David vs. Goliath, except I think Goliath might win this one.

The only downside to putting hte star destroyer up there is that there is no longer space for the buildings I had there before:

11) Not going back outside after I got home.

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