Monday, March 3, 2008

What a monday

1) I couldn't find anyone else to cover it so I was again shooting interviews at the GSB from 9-2. And as much as I had a hundred other things I needed to do, sitting and mostly zoning out for 5 hours wasn't bad. Helped ease me into the idea that another workweek was starting, even when I hadn't finished recovering from the last one.

2) Bought lunch at the GSB cafeteria - A tasty tomato and mozzarella salad, a bread stick, some sun chips, and a mighty mango Naked juice.

3) In addtion to zoning out pure and simple I spent some time scoping out various object in the GSB and thinking "how would I build this out of legos?" The room we were shooting in has really cool architecture with a lot of curves that wound be trick to handle with legos, but that's why I'm a pro. Also had some chairs which gave me some cool ideas.

4) Renee being back at work. She even handled a crazy request to record something the next day, which normally would be my responsibility. But it had come and and she had figured out a solution all while I was out at the GSB.

5) Leaving when it was time to go. I had come in early and I had put in all those extra hours over the weekend so when I had put in my 8 hours I got the heck out of there. Yeah, there are still mountains of work to do, but I'm still only one person and I need to have a life.

6) Went to HPP, not knowing exactly what I wanted. It's a nice store to wander around in and get ideas though. I also beat the after-work rush, so that was nice.

7) Dinner was simple, pita and carrots and red pepper and hummus.

8) Ali sent me this video of a lion hugging a woman. incredible.

9) Watched Freakazoid.

10) Made some stuff with Lego Digital Designer. First is a guy feeding the ducks:

11) I worked on transforming this guy into a digital format. Because Lego Digital Designer does not have all the bricks in all the colors that exist for actual legos I had to make some adjustments. But I made some good progress tonight.

12) A few years ago Lego release a set of epic proportions. The Imperial Star Destroyer was at the time the largest lego set ever released. It was also $300. However, is currently having a liquidation sale and so they are currently going for $200. Since I currently have more money than I know what to do with and I have lusted for this set since it was released, I instantly ordered one.

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