Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where is my mind?

1) I set up mobile IM so I can now send messages from my phone to Stephan-- err, I mean anyone who is on AIM and also receive AIMs on my phone. I mean I get a ridiculous number of text messages as part of my plan so I figured I should start making full use of them.

2) There was hot water for my shower this morning.

3) There was a shoot that was a few hours long and way off campus that I didn't have to go on today because Renee and Ben covered it. I'm so glad, because I really needed that time to try and catch up on some of the work and shoots like that can be exhausting.

4) Tiffany came in for a little while to edit.

5) Sam's lolcat fic

6) A giant box of lego was delivered to my office today. It was the Star Destroyer. It weighed 21 pounds according to the shipping label. That's a lot of lego.

7) Went home around 4 to put the Star Destroyer in my apartment and also because I needed to eat something. I had a pita and some hummus and that worked out nicely.

8) Then, without realizing I was going to I took a nap. I remember walking around deliriously from the couch where I had accidentally fallen asleep to the bed, all while wearing my work clothes.

9) Reading bits of the Cartographer's Craft prequel

10) On my way back to work I got a Subway sandwich. Chicken breast with provolone and lettuce and tomato on honey oat.

11) In addition to work I also did some more lego designing. I adapted the red car from the Franky Job, although I had to create doors, because Lego Digital Designer does not have car door pieces in any color. I still want to tweak it , but here what I have so far:

12) I also employed a SNOT building technique for this thing on the right with will be part of a tree. I've known about SNOT techniques for a while and used pretty basic ones, before, but this was one of the first times I'd done something really cool.

13) The walk back from the office was very calm. I guess not a lot of people are out after midnight on Wednesday.

14) Even though it will be a while before it is actually put together I couldn't resist investigating the inside of the box for the Star Destroyer. While doing so I noticed that it had a really cool piece that I had never seen before: Translucent Light Blue Heads! I mean sure I've seen translucent yellow heads (perfect for lampposts) and transparent white (good for crystal balls), but never had I seen transparent blue. It also comes with 4. I will have to find something cool to do with them after I destroy the Star Destroyer.

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