Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 1: The Arrival

1) I woke up but then surrendered to SleepyDave and did what he does best for a little while.

2) Talking with Renee. About what? In what way? I don't remember all the events of this morning have been overshadowed by the following days.

3) What I do remember is using some vacation hours to take an early afternoon. Alex's flight got in at 3 and I wouldn't be a very good host if I didn't entertain him now would I? Also I didn't feel like spending any more time in the office. So I went home and did a little last minute cleaning (by which I mean moving the Legos off of every available flat surface in my apartment to a smaller subset of these surfaces.)

4) Alex arrives! I gave him the grand tour of my apartment and then we got right down to business.

5) Video game business that is. So Smash Brothers allows 2 players to play co-operatively through the main story mode and even though playing through the story mode is the easiest and fastest way to unlock all the characters I had held off on playing it specifically so I could play through it with Alex. Way more fun. I think the best moment was when after many failed attempts we finally defeated a giant, evil, purple, clone of Diddy Kong. It was a lot harder than you might think and defeating it together was very satisfying.

We also played a few regular multiplayer matches since that is the heart of Smash Brothers.

6) About 3 hours later Alex left to go hang out with some of his other friends and he asked me "What are you going to do while I'm gone." It was at that moment I came to the glorious realization that I had absolutely nothing to do. I've been so busy working on the Lego job application the past month and before (and during) that I was super busy with work etc. But since the application was sent and I was on vacation there was nothing to do. Hooray!

7) So of course I did the only logical thing. I figured out a way to confirm that my application had been received by Netdevil even though I hadn't received a confirmation e-mail. I just used my website's stats package that lets me see the recent visitors to my site and tells me where they came from. Thank you Internet.

8) Then I went and got Boston Market for dinner. Oh man I know it's probably not very good for me, but it's so delicious and my current rate is eating there every 6 months. I got the dark meat meal with mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples (and cornbread of course.) Mmmmm....

9) Watched an episode of Freakazoid. The episode itself wasn't only so-so but the very beginning had a great ramble by the narrator. Just watch the first minute and a quarter of this video. The end was funny too. "Somebody make a lighthearted comment so we can all laugh and go home." Instead they go to see the movie Babeheart. (Watch this video starting at 9:08.)

10) Then I did what I thought I was going to do when I first realized I had nothing to do. Take a nap. Twas a glorious nap.

11) Then Alex returned and we played more Smash Brothers. We played until something like 2 AM. I don't even know the last time I was up past 1. Weird. Also I thought it was weird that Alex was awake and coherent past midnight. But as he pointed out in California time that would be midnight. We unlocked a character after defeating a group of tough bosses.

12) Then we went to sleep with only more wonderful stuff ahead.

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