Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend Part 4: The Return

1) In the morning we worked on the upper panels of the Star Destroyer. Stephanie arranged the pieces for the final top panel:

Once we had it together it was just a matter of attaching it, which you think would be pretty simple, it looks like Alex has got it in place here:

Then I come over to assist him in securing it.

Paul comes over to help by supervising.

"Yes, very good, just like that."

However, somethign was wrong and I pulled the whole thing off.

Paul decides to intervene.

We all check to make sure it's on right.

Success! We all smile.

2) We played through the rest of the Smash Brothers single player mode. Alex and I did most of it, but Alex also went away for a while and Stephanie helped me out as Bowser. Sonic showed up like a dues ex machina and then we beat the last (weird) boss. And then there were unskippable, non-interactive credits. What gives?

3) For lunch we had dino chicken sandwiches. Narm narm narm.

4) Stephanie and I again tricked Paul and Alex into doing something else so we could watch Torchwood. The episode was "Combat." The premise of the episode wasn't anything particularly interesting, but there were a couple good moments. Gwen was a total psycho at one point in this episode and there was some weird (sub)text between Owen and the NPC of the week, Stephanie and I couldn't really figure it out.

5) Stephanie showed me a few bits of Dr. Who, and this time it wasn't just limited to Torchwood related stuff. She just wanted to show me the glory of the 10th Doctor.

6) Tiffany came over and we played Shadows over Camelot. We were playing through pretty fast because Alex was going to have to leave for the airport. Perhaps because we were playing so fast we made some less than great decisions and Paul (Traitor!) defeated us handily. To be fair we also got some really bad cards right at the beginning that ensured non of us had extravagant 3s.

7) We worked a little more on the Star Destroyer.

This picture was our first attempt to recreate the opening of the original Star Wars.

Then we remembered that my camera can take movies and made this wonderful short movie. Tiffany, Paul and I sang the Imperial march while Alex propelled the Star Destroyer and Stephanie filmed and laughed hysterically.

8) Alex departed which was sad but inevitable, but then Krista arrived and helped do some detail work on the Star Destroyer and talk about her Spring Break.

9) Tiffany then drove Krista, me and the Star Destroyer home. This is good because I would have looked very silly carrying the Star Destroyer on the bus. I might have looked a little something like this.

10) By the time I got back to my apartment it was relatively late and I had no interest in going to the grocery store, but I managed to make do with the stuff I had in the apartment for dinner.

11) This should have gone somewhere else in the weekend, but Stephanie and Paul got me this really cool little turtle from Mexico. He is sitting on my desk. He is quite adorable.

12) After I unpacked I spent some time catching up on the internet. So much can transpire in a weekend.

13) Then I spent a little time unlocking the rest of the characters and stages in Smash Brothers. There wasn't much to do after we beat the Subspace Emissary. Now all 35 characters and 41 stages are open. Woohoo! My next goal is to unlock all the music.

14) Then I finished the Star Destoryer. It was already pretty far along when I got home:

It was nice when there got to be few enough parts that I could finally take them out of the bags.

The final product:

It's not that big, its only takes up half of my kitchen table.

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