Friday, March 7, 2008


Why am I excited? Because it's Friday and because the day I'm writing this is Saturday, so I have finally caught up on this blog. Sorry about that, it was a crazy two weeks. Now that I'm caught up I should be able to keep up with the daily pace.

1) Ben Kolak handled a day long shoot at the GSB. He also offered to cover the shoot on Monday.

2) Talya had an article published in the chronicle of higher education.

3) Stephanie got another interview for another job at Northwestern! They're both this Thursday. That's awesome.

4) Tiffany came in to edit again. She shared her animal crackers with me and showed me her cut of Fred's retirement party DVD.

5) Then I messed around in Motion to show Tiffany some cool things you can do. I originally set out to make a "Congratulations on your retirement!" screen, but then I ended up making an ant that shot out banjos in every direction. BanjoAnt we called him. Go figure.

6) Screenwriter's was short, but enjoyable.

7) On my way home I went to CVS to pick up milk and cereal and syrup and crackers and I also got a can of soup which I made for dinner because it was cold out and I didn't feel like making anything and I can only have Rajun Cajun so often.

8) Watched Freakazoid while eating soup and hummus and pita. Highlights: Freakazoid comes in and saves the day and ties up the Lobe very quickly, the Lobe says "That's it? You're not even going to chase me around at all?" "Sorry, I don't have any time, my alter-ego is on a date But I promise next time we'll have a really big chase, we'll make a night of it." "Oh sure, next time." Freakazoid leaves the Lobe for the police to handle. The Lobe easily escapes and then he's driving away with his goons and says "So what are we going to do tonight?" "Well boss, we should probably go back to the hideout." "Oh, not the hideout. We always go to the hideout." "Well boss you're a wanted criminal, you can't just go around in public. We could get a movie." "I don't want to watch a movie, I want to go out on the town, I want to sing, I want to dance!" "Dance?" The Lobe gets his wish when he goes to the same restaurant Freakazoid is having his date at and has not only an extended musical number with the waiters and Freakazoid transformed to look like a blue Louis Armstrong but also gets to be chased around by Freakazoid. As he's being taken in to custody at the end he keeps saying "I'm just so happy!"

9) The week finally being over. If you think about it the last two weeks were sort of one gigantic mega week with only a brief reprise last Sunday.

10) I really like these apple pie cookies

11) Not going back to the office at night, which I've been doing pretty frequently.

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