Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1) Sleeping in 2 hours

2) Last of the vanilla almond granola cereal from TJ's

3) We had a pretty involved project with a short deadline dropped on us on Friday and so most of my day at work was dealing with that. The project is making a two minute video overview of the Oriental Institute. This morning I went over there and shoot all the footage for it. In addition to shooting the director talking about all the objects I also spent about an hour shooting various b-roll around the museum. B-roll is fun to shoot. Got to do pans and zooms and cool stuff like that.

4) Went grocery shopping and found something wonderful: guava juice! Jumex sells it in single serving cans that are pretty cheap. I can't even begin to express my love for guava juice. It is basically the perfect juice, but it's so hard to find. But now that I found these Jumex cans I will be consuming it much more than before. Excellent!

5) Taking off wet socks

6) The song "Hands Away" by Interpol. It just played at the right time today.

7) Appropriate amount of heat in my apartment.

8) Left over peanut chicken and fried rice for dinner

9) Taking the shuttle to campus because it was unpleasant out.

10) Editing something interesting for work

11) Got the director's feedback on Mr. President. He more or less liked it as it was, only a few small changes and some fixes to the credits. Once it's up on youtube I'll link to it.

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