Thursday, April 10, 2008


1) Hey today's my birthday, I'm going to have waffles instead of cereal.

2) I got birthday wishes from many people.

3) Not being at press conference in the morning.

4) Renee gave my three things for my birthday presents, one was edible, one was squeezable and one was intangible. The edible one was a delicious fruit tart. The squeezable one was this "Ugly Doll."

And the last one was the information that I will be receiving, sometime in the near future, a bonus, for all the extra work I've put in. Huzzah! It's a pretty sizable bonus too. Before taxes it's almost as big as a monthly paycheck after taxes.

5) Theo came into work even though the mandatory hours didn't begin until the following week. Something good involving dvds also happened, according to my notes.

6) After work we had the first of what will be a monthly Communications group cocktail hour. It just happened to fall on my birthday. I had a hard cider and then a sangria. It was nice to hang out informally with people from work, normally there is a lot more stress involved in our interactions.

7) Julie Peterson was the star of the show though. She is so awesome. Through the course of the conversation it came out that she has had not one but two stalkers. One of whom set her house on fire! Her reaction, though, was not fear, but righteous anger. "If he had come when I was home I would have beat him up!" So awesome.

8) In the middle of the drinks I got a call from Jenny and Leo and Iisaiah. Isaiah really likes saying "hi" over the phone. So he said Hi and Bye and it was very wonderful.

9) So then something really obnoxious happened as I was leaving the cocktail hour and heading to Tiffany's house. But I managed the situation and was awesome at my job and was back on track 20 minutes later. So while it was no fun to run equipment across campus in the rain to record an event that had already started on my birthday, the fact that I got it there and set-up before the introductory speaker finished and made sure the employee's who fault it was would never make that mistake again all while being a little bit tipsy just made me feel really capable. Go me!

10) Then it was time to celebrate my birthday with Tiffany and Krista! Over dinner we talked about Sesame Street among other things. We also laughed about Krista making a really bad joke about 3 men in a tub and then when we didn't laugh she explained it. We get it Krista, it's just not funny. But the fact that you are explaining it is funny, which even you realize and now we all laugh together.

11) Dinner was Chicken Gumbo, which I'd never had before. I'd always wondered what okra was. I'd heard of it, but never actually had it.

12) Dessert was an amazing Death by Chocolate cake (chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate frosting, with little chocolate frills on top) and strawberries.

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