Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apparently I've already used Yadseut as a title

1) Got lunch at Umart. Oh California Wrap how I love you.

2) My internet friend Josh sent me a link to this awesome Lego Protoss Scout he made. The fact that he has made a detailed Lego recreation of a spaceship from a video game should give you an idea of why we are friends in the first place.

3) Talking with Tiffany at work. It seems unfair that I should get to enjoy time spent at work so much, but I think it is balanced out by all the un-fun stuff.

4) Twas a productive day at work.

5) My ipod on random will sometimes hit upon sheer genius. It played "Afterimage" by The Church followed by "The Scientist" by Coldplay. Not only did it match my mood and the slightly rainy day, but there are some similar chords /rhythms in the two songs that made them fit perfectly back to back. Now I have to use it on a mix CD.

6) Went to the first official ECNAD practice, but was one of only two people (beside Kelly) to show up, so we didn't do much dancing. Kelly did explain what she had worked out so far and illustrated one part ("the bacon") using the Footloose DVD. The scene we watched was rEdiculous. It consists of Kevin Bacon's character dancing/seizing/doing absurd gynmastics in an abandoned warehouse.

7) Watched an episode of Freakazoid. "The Island of Dr. Mystico." This show is ridiculously self-aware. At one point Freakazoid and others are locked in a cage and so Freakazoid calls Greg, the new production assistant on the show. "Greg, it's Freakazoid. I'll call her back, listen, we're trapped on some island. There's a key that opens the cell door we're in, I don't know what it looks like, I don't know where it is. Find it and bring it to us, okay?" Greg shows up moments later with the key and coffee and messages for everyone. This episode also features Tim Curry as the voice of Dr. Mystico: "Dr. Mystico: I'll build a private army of super-apes and take over Cleveland! Cosgrove: Don't you mean the world? Dr. Mystico: I meant the world, yes, what did I say? Cleveland? Oh, I always do that!"

8) Walking outside when it's so nice.

9) Potato flag for dinner.

10) Went to the grocery store

11) Had a soft pretzel, some yogurt and some birthday cake as snacks/dessert.

12) Worked on writing more of the second episode of NNN, "Robots!" and used celtx, a free screenwriting program to do so. The part I wrote was Robert Vylan's first sportscast, in which he tries to annul all sports and replace them with ones he invented. I also started writing the Police Robot commercial. I decided against just using R2-D2 and am instead using an original robot called K-OP-3R, who has the voice of C-3PO, the gadgets of R2-D2 and a heart of iron.

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concretesphinx said...

What a trial for you that those songs can never go on a mix CD for me since my dislike of coldplay is only surpassed by the church!
(inverted bracket8bracket)