Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Awesome Weekend Part 1: The Devourer

1) Renee was back in the office today so I was able to talk to her about all the stuff that had happened that week and relinquish the few responsibilities I had taken up.

2) Since I was taking Monday off I sent out a series of e-mails to the students to make sure everything would go smoothly in my absence.

3) Walking home it was 70 degrees out! 70! I wouldn't have believed it it I hadn't seen it on the clock outside the bank on 55th. Why is it that banks always have that sign telling the time and the temperature outside of them? I mean, I appreciate it, but I can't understand the rationale behind it. Is it to improve their public image?

4) Stephanie arrives! She got to my building just before I did. The fun was about to begin.

5) It was so warm out I decided to wear shorts. Shorts!

6) One of the things we were planning to do this weekend was to start playing through Okami. It had just come out that week and it arrived at my apartment that day. The first thing we did was to read through the backstory in the instruction manual. It was a bit convoluted and overly full of strange names. After reading it we still had no idea who Okami was, which you think, as the titular character would be pretty important.

7) We then put together the crab from the awesome lego set she got me for my birthday. Here's a picture of it in it's current position on the Star Destroyer, pinching a Jar Jar and a Ninja.

8) Then it was time to go to Rajun Cajun and get dinner. We both got butter chicken dinners of course. My vegetable was peas and cheese, hers was macaroni and cheese (I think). We got them to go and brought them back to my apartment to eat while we watched--

9) Singing in the Rain. I had never seen it before and it's Stephanie's 2nd favorite movie. It was excellent. It gave me an appreciation for silent film acting. And of course the dancing was amazing. And now that I've seen it I can read Stephanie's favorite fan fic (not that I have yet, but I will). I still can't even believe that completely ridiculous part with the gigantic flying scarf. An extended dream sequence in an overly long opening frame for a movie that's being pitched..

10) Then we played Okami for 3 hours. The basic premise of hte game is that you are a wolf, but not just any wolf, no you are also the corporeal manifestaion of the sun goddess. And you are on a quest to restore Ancient Japan after it has been cursed by evil. The game is similar to zelda in that you go around fighting enemies and solving puzzles, but since your a god you also get to use a celestial brush. The way this works is that at any time you can pause the game and paint on the screen. Then, depending on what you paint, stuff will happen, a broken bridge might be rebuilt, a boulder might be cut in half, the sun might appear in the sky, a dead tree might bloom to life, or a lily pad might appear in the water. Those in fact are the four brush techniques we learned playing through thus far. It's a very beautiful game too, it is cel-shaded and made to look like Japanese ink paintings.

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