Monday, April 21, 2008

The Awesome Weekend Part 2: The Dog Day

1) Waking up before Stephanie. It's such a rare occurrence, I just had to make note of it.

2) We had cinnamon toast waffles for breakfast while we watched...

3) The last two episodes of Torchwood season 1. "Capttain Jack Harkness" was an awesome episode, very touching. The season finale was not nearly as cool. It was kind of annoying actually. The team (minus Jack) made bad decisions and were handsomely rewarded for them.

4) Then we put together the rest of the lego set. It's a really cool submarine, which is currently being used by the Jar Jars to board the Star Destroyer.

5) Played Okami. We gained the ability to draw bombs and vines. We played through the forest and the first real dungeon. We fought a giant spider, it was very cool.

6) Then we went to the store to acquire the materials for dinner and dessert.

7) We were making Potato Flag (Moroccan Shepard's pie) for dinner, which takes a long time to prepare. It's easier when two people are working together though.

8) Whenever something had to simmer or bake for a while we watched the rest of the special features from the Torchwood DVD. The things that stick out in my memory are Gareth's rap and John's song.

9) Then dinner was ready and oh did we feast upon it. Potato Flag is very delicious. Ground turkey, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, carrots under a layer of mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes. Delicious!

10) While we ate I introduced Stephanie to Arrested Development. I showed her "Pier Pressure" and "Storming the Castle" (if only so she could see one of GOB's magic acts. She enjoyed them and we have since started working our way through the rest of the episodes chronologically.

11) Played more Okami. We traveled to the mountains and the Windmill town. We acquired the power to draw water and the moon. We also rounded up some important dog warriors.

12) While this was going on Stephanie made me a funfetti birthday. And with some extra icing she added this awesome crab.

Then we feasted upon crab cake,

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