Monday, April 21, 2008

The Awesome Weekend Part 4: The Dull Day

1) Paul woke me up when he was leaving in the morning (since he Stephanie still had work). I took the 66 downtown and was hoping to go to Trader Joe's but it wasn't open yet. I can't even remember the last time I got to a store before it opened. Still, it was nice to see what Downtown Chicago is like on a weekday morning.

2) When I got home I contemplated doing many things, but I ended up taking a nap. Mmm... nap.

3) Then I did some laundry with absolutely no competition for the machines (since everyone else was at work - suckers!).

4) That was the day I finally blogged about the Urban Wilds party. It was a fairly time intensive post considering all the photos and video elements. But that also meant it was very fulfilling to finally get up.

5) Had the last of the leftover chicken and pasta salad for lunch. Oh Mesquite Chicken, how I love thee.

6) Did all the dishes. Take that filth! As you can see I didn't do anything very exciting with my day off, but I did a lot of stuff that would have otherwise not gotten done for several days.

7) Went running, because I still haven't taken my bike to someone who can help me raise the seat and I need to start exercising more.

8) Nice refreshing shower

9) Dinner was seder leftovers + some potato flag

10) Talked to mom and dad. They have begun investigating their options for getting a new deck. Also my mom talked about her upcoming (though as of this posting past) quilting weekend.

11) Watched an episode of Freakazoid. "Statuesque" I liked that it had a throwback to the very first episode in that it featured the guy who had a watch that turns beavers into gold. There was also a point where the narrator got too excited.

12) I used that plastic container I bought at Blick a while back to re sort my lego heads (their sorting had been bothering me for a while.

And with the old head container I resorted the arms and hands. I used to just have one container for arms and one for hands. Now the arms are separated by color and seperated into left arms and right arms and the hands are sorted by color. Do I have a problem?

Yes. I don't know what I'm going to put in the containers that used to hold the arms and hands.

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