Friday, April 4, 2008


1) Since I had never received a confirmation e-mail and it had been over a week, I called NetDevil to make sure my application had been received. It had, although I was informed it had not yet been reviewed. This is at least not bad news, even if it isn't exactly good news. But what the hell, I'll call it good news. I officially won't worry again until Friday the 18th.

2) Got a California Wrap from UMart for lunch. Part of my thinks I should branch out and try new things there, but another part of me says "BUT IT'S SO DELICIOUS!!!" And while I hate to give in the part of my that screams in all caps (CAPSLOCKDave?), he does have a point.

3) Had to run things around to various places on campus, which could be viewed as annoying, but I like the change of pace. It's fun to find offices and drop off/pick up DVDs etc. Especially when it's relatively nice out.

4) Had another group interview with one of the final candidates for the Senior Producer Position. She was a much more polished candidate than the one we interviewed earlier this week and definitely has the necessary skills and experience. She also could start immediately.

5) Walking home and stopping by HPP on the way. Even though Treasure Island is my main grocery store, I still prefer the produce at HPP (go figure) as well as the deli counter.

6) In preparation for the birthday party I was going to on Saturday I made a Lego version of the birthday girl. I only sort of knew her from a few Circus parties I went to but I had seen enough to know exactly how to make her.

Those things in her hands would be fire poi. They were always a big hit at the Circus parties.

7) I also worked on my mask for the party:

8) Then I made a new recipe, (courtesy of Stephanie) Cinnamon chicken. It has zucchini and tomatoes and pepper and feta cheese and pasta and it is delicious. I was so happy to finally cook after not doing it for quite some time. It was also great because even after I had eaten a dinner's worth I still had a whole pot of delicious, and smells o plenty.

9) Watched an episode of 30 rock. Highlights from "The Break Up": Black Fraiser, Jack dating C. Rice and saying he was going to kick putin's ass, "make a list of pros and cons that's how I chose a scooter over a bike."

10) Talking with Adam about being an uncle (now that he's one too) etc.

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