Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey, this is my birthday week

1) In the morning I had to walk timecards across the midway to drop them off. Because the weather was nice this was actually enjoyable. During the winter Renee would usually drive them over because walking across the midway in the middle of winter is a silly thing to do. There is nothing between you and the wind there.

2) Ben found the solution to a problem with the camera/firestore. Saved me the trouble of even having to investigate it.

3) I got a package at work - a birthday present from my parents. Nothing makes my day like getting a big box of Legos. I was thinking about getting this set, but they saved me the trouble and the money. It is really cool.

4) Overall a pretty productive day at work.

5) There was natural light in my apartment while I did dishes and cooked. I am very glad that spring is (more or less) here. Winter can just be a drag sometimes.

6) I made skillet lasagna, but I had forgotten to get tomato paste. However, I found out that (at least in this instance) ketchup is a perfect substitue for tomato paste. It worked so well, when I was eating I forgot all about the substituion. Also made the maple carrots of deliciousness.

7) Two episodes of 30 rock: "The Rural Juror" and "The Head and The Hair" Highlights:
Jack: You must know Arsenio.
Tracy: Hall or Billingham?
Jack: You know someone named Arsenio Billingham?
Tracy: No.

Dr. Spaceman: [looking at an X-ray] Where are my car keys?
[Jack and Tracy enter his office.]
Dr. Spaceman: Jack! Tracy! What can I do for you?
Jack: We have a product we want you to give a medical endorsement to.
Dr. Spaceman: [excitedly] I'll do it! What is it?
Jack: It's called the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine. It's a dual-press grill.
Dr. Spaceman: Say no more. If it's giving people meat, then I'm on board. I've always said humans need more animal blood. It keeps their spine straight.
Jack: We appreciate it, Leo.
Dr. Spaceman: You boys need anything while you're here? [Spaceman is holding bottles of pills] Some reds? Some yellows? Just got some purples in from Peru.
Tracy: No, I'm good.
Jack: It would be rude not to take one or two.
Jack: When I was your age, I was putting myself through college in Boston paddling swan boats for the tourists.
Kenneth: Is that a euphemism for some kind of sex worker?

The part where Gray and Liz yell in unison at the convenience store clerk and then look at each other totally in love.

8)Put together the coolest part of the Town Plan set: the movie theater. My parents also sent me a set of sticker letters so I could change the marquee to say County since they look very similar. I also changed the featured movie.

The movie posters are really cool, especially this one:

9) Stephanie called and we talked for a while. I don't remember what about all I remember is <3

10) Time to think. I think this was a night I had to go back to the office and the time to think was as I was walking back. I don't remember what I was thinking about but as I've said before there's a 50% chance it involved Legos.

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