Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm streamlining these in order to catch up

1) Sleeping in. This one never gets old.

2) Proving it was old Farmer Jenkins all along, it's lego Scooby Doo and the gang.

3) Ben covering a shoot downtown tonight and later this week.

4) Lunch. Umm... I don't remember what I had for lunch. Maybe Umart California wrap?

5) First official day of students coming in according to the new schedule. Works like a charm.

6) Stephanie sent me an awesome fanfic where Lex Luthor from Smallville and Lex Luthor from the comics switch places and have to deal with their alter-egos' lives and Supermen. I don't know that I could properly describe it's awesomeness.

7) Wen to the grocery store where I purchased (among other things)...

8) Mango slices!!! it felt like it had been a long time. As soon as I got home I ate a few. Delicious!

9) Dinner was chicken nuggets and peas (and carrots and hummus)

10) Watched 30 Rock -Fighting Irish
Pete: Good Lord, your eyes! You look like that lady astronaut who tried kidnap that other woman.
Liz: Hey, that was a lady with a plan. Diapers, mace, Houston to Orlando in nine hours -- blammo!

Jack: When I think of all the things that I've been holding inside me that I wanted to say to you... [raises fists] Well now I'm gonna let "Saint Patrick" and "Saint Michael" DO MY TALKING FOR ME!
Jack's Dad: [raises fists] You'll have to get through "Tip O'Neill" and "Bobby Sands" first!
Eddie Donaghy: You call those fist names?! [raises fists] Say hello to "Bono" and "Sandra Day O'Connor!"
Jack: Those are the stupidest fist names I've ever heard.
11) Did some laundry

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