Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just another Wednesday

1) Sleeping in to 9:30. I felt bad when I first woke-up, so I went back to sleep, which helped. I also almost fell asleep at work a couple times. Don't know why I'm so tired.

2) Renee gave me a really great compliment about something I had made in Motion. Motion is a program we use for designing title screens and graphics etc. and I don't have nearly as much experience with it as I do with Final Cut and most of that experience is doing very basic things. Anyway I was adding some words to a photo and Renee said "I thought they were part of the photo! It looked so natural. I told them they should do that for real."

3) Some more Jack and Ellis went up today.

4) Walking home. Now that the weather is nicer with more regularity I'm trying to use the bus less and my legs more. Especially in the afternoon when I'm not in a hurry.

5) Played a little Smash.

6) Had a simple dinner of things that required little to no effort - carrots & hummus, crescent rolls, and cashews.

7) The Brothers Brick netted me this cool Lego creation that you need to view from above to get the full effect.

8) Spent some time catching up on this blog a bit (3 updates).

9) Used my membership for the second time since I got it and went for a little work out. I jogged to the gym and then used the rowing machine for a bit. I also invented a game to keep me busy while working out. I make up stories about the other people in the gym. It's great fun.

10) I did a 5k on the erg and my time was 23:10. That's nothing impressive, but my goal was under 25 minutes so that's all that really counts.

11) Came home and had a chewy bar, which was very satisfying.

12) Played a little more Smash.

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concretesphinx said...

"made up stories", eh?! EH??!?1