Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let's burn through these

1) There was a fancy event that we were recording today so I got all dressed up in my suit. I wouldn't want to wear a suit all the time, but it does feel nice to wear it every now and then.

2) I talked to JJ for a little bit. It was nice to hear from him, because I haven't really heard a thing from him since he started Americorps.

3) Talking with Ben on the way to the shoot. He told me about a cool project he had coming up that involved pickpocketing (or faux pickpocketing), sliding across the floor, dropping a cameraphone into an aquarium etc. Sounded pretty cool.

4) Even though the shoot was only one camera and didn't require two people going along, I went along to help make sure everything went super smoothly. Also because I had already been to the location to scout it out ahead of time so I knew how to set up and also how to handle the client who was medium-high maintenance. Everything was smooth, so my job was well done.

5) Then since I wasn't needed I got to leave, which was a nice surprise, since I had expected to have to stay. I was released into downtown Chicago in the late afternoon in a suit. It was kinda cool and kinda weird.

6) Then I went to Trader Joe's because it was only 2 blocks from where the shoot was. Got lots of awesome groceries. They didn't have ginger, but one of the employees recommended this canned ginger paste stuff that works just as well and is far less work. I also bought a new Trader Joe's reusable bag since one is often not enough.

7) I also stopped at the Lego store because I have no shame. I got something cool, but I don't remember what it is, we'll figure it out when I get to the post when I put it together.

8) I was going to make peanut chicken and fried rice for dinner , but I realized I hadn't cooked the rice yet and I usually due that the night before or at least the afternoon, because it's much easier to fry when it's cold. So instead I had a nice easy dinner of chicken nuggets and green beans.

9) Watched the Freakazoid episode "Two against Freak." The narrator told the heroes where to find the villains' hideout, which doesn't seem fair. The villain accused him of trying to beef up his part.

10) Walked back to work (there was something I needed to do, but I thankfully forget). It was a nice walk there, thanks in part to Leif Erikson by Interpol. That song is just like a cocoon of sound. It's wonderful.

11) Renee also happened to be at work and she had brought her new puppy, Cassius, who I had seen pictures of but never met. He's a cute and friendly little guy and I enjoyed petting him and scratching behind his ears while he rubbed himself against my legs.

12) Did some more editing of Mr, President (maybe that's why I was at "work", but I think I might have been doing a little bit of both).

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